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  • Hi Dennis! Just checking out the members list over here ;)
    wondering how many people I know here from the 6 forum
    Being from Vancouver have you ever attended in the past or at least heard of Sportbike West, the rally that used to be held out near Kelowna every August. Why not plan a similar event in B.C. maybe out at Toad Rock near Nelson. There are lots of great roads to ride in the area and in between. There are lots of members within a half a day ride like myself, you, the washington members etc. You get the point. If it was started small and informal it would grow over time. Sportbike West was a great event and only died because it's main organiser did not want to spend the time on what became a very big event. Keeping it to just FZ riders would make it much more manageable. If you are not familiar with Toad Rock Campground or Sportbike West google them, there is lots of info out there.
    Just an Idea, it would be fun meeting in person for the northern part of the forum. I head out into the Kootenays at least a couple of times each summer and have never become jaded to the roads and scenery.
    My product is a very portable sport bike rear stand for chain and wheel maintenance.
    Take a look at my site and that should give you a good idea; PackJack - Home.
    Thanks, Greg
    I hear you can tell me something about advertising on your site.
    I know my product is right for your viewers and I've just started selling them on the net.
    Let me know what's involved.
    Thanks Greg (PackJack)
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