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  • Hey!! Seems like ur the guy in the know, chasing some pillion grip bars for my FZ1 (2001). do you know of any floating around out there?
    Nothing done yet... I have the new sliders and have to work on getting the stock signals put back on but this time with some disconnects. I also bought the fiberglass repair kit to patch the blinker pods. Last, I have to order the paint(s). It is still all in working order and drivable so I'm just running it as-is for the time being. Thanks for asking! I though about asking for that tail section you have up for sale. Have to talk to the wife about it though....
    you seem like the guy to talk to about upgrades. Considering you've upgraded just about everything possible under the sun LOL haha. '

    But seriously, I'd like to talk to you about getting the right upgrades for my 08 Granite Grey FZ1. I installed a PCIII and have an akrapovic hexagonal carbon slip-on, that will be at my house at the end of the week via fed ex. I would like to know what else you would recommend for me to do, without melting my credit card, considering I just spent a grand on it.

    Thanks man.
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