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  • I would love to see what kind of maps you have gotten a hold of. I have the akrapovic slip on that I am installing this afternoon and all the maps I have for the PCIII are the ones from there website.

    If you have anything other than that, I would be very interested. : ) Thanks!!
    Thanks! Well I have had my share of mods. Though I haven't done extreme engine modding yet.

    For your case if you don't want to spend more than consider doing the Lars airbox mod and cable reroute, BMC air filter, CAT gut, zip tie or remove your secondary subthrottle plates or fit Ivan's smaller plates. I would have recommended the FCE but then removing the secondaries will give more gains. I don't want to change anything near the engine so at the moment I am keeping mine. I have a bunch of PCIII maps with good power gains and mpg that I can pass on to you.
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