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  • Hi There,
    I just purchased a 2007 Yamaha FZ1 and I'm looking for Oil type recommendations as well as the filter. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you kindly!
    Hi! As I was "actually" reading the text to MBOM, I see that it says the link to upload pics is in the right hand corner....no longer the case with the new format.
    Wanna change it??? Or I can......
    Since this is still your baby, I didn't want to do that without your okey dokey :)
    I'm a little concerned here...been trying to find the "admin" option in the gallery and can't. I'm too old for all this new 5hit! I just get used to doing it one way, and then BOOM!
    Hi Brad, I'm assuming you'll be enabling voting :)
    since i'm still a noob, and don't remember how to :(
    The belly pan is Yamaha factory. I purchased it at the same time I bought the bike from the dealer. The Helmet is an O'Neal Fastrak Element Helmet. Stereo bluetooth from iPhone is nice. I hate dealing with wires. I will tell you above 60mph you can't hear much of anything. I think the have a newer v2 version of this out now.

    Link below to what I have.
    Element Fastrack Bluetooth - Motorcycle Superstore

    Here is a link to the latest model. I may just have to drop mine to rationalize getting the newer model. ;)
    O'Neal Racing Tirade Bluetooth Helmet - Motorcycle Superstore
    Where did you get your belly cowl? I also noticed you had a bluetooth helmet on. What brand and is it any good?


    I just got my 09 FZ1. I am looking to make it a little warmer for riding this fall since my hands are always the first to give me problems. I was looking at the picture and it looks like the extensions are part of the front cowl. I think it looks great and was wondering where I could get that for my bike.

    Congrats on M.B.O.M. It's a great shot of your bike. Your pictures inspired me to spend my tax money on a Canon Rebel T1i. I am just starting to explore it's settings.
    IT Manager? Can you manage me? LOL! I am the server/san guy for both my company and the parent company. Running their data centers. Love being a geek! Getting to hate the snow though... cuts into my riding time by about 5 months! :D
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