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    07 FZ1 New Here Question bout handle bar swap

    Should have bought an R1 if you want to take a naked bike and put lower fairing on it and cramp it up to be a pure sport only bike. I threw a pair of pro tapers on it and a comfier seat and do 240 mile trips at a 90% comfort level. Doing the Dragon later this month in N.C. . As for your bars I...
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    Aftermarket Handlebars on the Gen II FZ1

    Nice job on the bars and brake lines. The only thing I did different was releasing the fork tubes down out of the triple clamp to bring all the cables to the other side without taking everything apart. I am a motocross guy and bought an FZ1 and put the same bars on my FZ1 that are on my...
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    Help going mad

    Unplug both lights with your fuse removed. Get a tester and stick both leads into where the lights plug into, set your tester to Ohm, just where it'll beep when you touch both leads together. It should not beep when testing the light sockets. If it does you have copper wire touching either metal...
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    Hello from Southwest Florida, USA

    We'll have to go ride one weekend. I'm in Fort Myers and you're right there are a ton of straight roads. We just try not to stay on one road for too long to keep it interesting.
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    South Florida

    Lehigh Acres, my church has a group that rides once a month and goes for a day trip. All sorts of riders and bikes even another FZ1. Sorry I didn't respond earlier I might have the notifications turned off and I think this is my first time back on. My first ride with them on the FZ1 was to...
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    Looking at a FZ1 this weekend

    The FZ1 is a great bike. This guy mentioned the battery not charging and it is more than likely a magneto that puked it's magnets like the rest of ours did due to bad quality manufacturing. I just replaced mine with the updated version which is sealed and it cost around $370.00 after tax not...
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    South Florida

    I'm in Fort Myers, lets ride!
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    FS: Gen2 Givi V35 PLX Side Pannier Racks + Bags

    They are really nice, I'd snatch them up if I wasn't tapped right now. Just consider this a drooling bump for your post.
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    32,000 miles, it's not a detrimental failure. The magnets can't get into your engine. The job isn't that bad to do yourself. With the new updated stator rotor assembly and the 2 bearings you should do while you're in there cost around $365.00 I just replaced the speed sensor because the...
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    I give up please help

    Your 1st valve adjustment should have been around 30k you are so let due for your we do due for your second valve adj. Syncing your throttle bodies is going to help smooth things out as well.
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    Yup, I have an 08 and my alternator assembly puked it magnets all into the oil pan. GET YAMAHAS UPDATED STATOR So Yamaha made a decision to fix their stator design. The new design has the magnets built inside.Part Number: 2SH-81450-00-00 Replaces Part # 5VY-81450-00-00
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    new to the fz1 fam

    Welcome to the club. It's a great bike, mine is an 08 that I just got. I immediately did the airbox mod, plugged the AIS off, K&N filter and sent my ECU to Vcyclenut to flash it. Huge difference after the flash as he is able to bypass a lot of the other emissions garbage. I had an erratic...
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    Exup servo

    I sent my ECU to and told him all the I did and he flashed accordingly. EXUP was told to stay open. Very nice increase in power on bottom and mid. Had her at 140mph cruising at 3/4 throttle.
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    Exup servo

    Yes, the EXUP valve will cycle when you turn the key on.
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    Anyone other than Yamaha make the new enclosed stator?

    Well it happened, my 08 FZ wasn't charging so I took the cover off and there be A Pirate's Booty of magnets. Now I have to take the headers off drop the pan clean everything out change the oil change the filter. I do not want to put the same style stator back in and I see Yamaha has made a fix...