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  • Hi
    Thanks for respond, I do know my speedometer is measuring wrong values and I altso suspect it to be way out of line due to milage when checked against GPS.
    Have just put my bike togheter and start driving, are doing some experimental stuff with PCIII maps as I have upgraded lot to my bike during wintertime(to long and expensive winters) :)
    Thanks for the info and posting more pictures of the windshield. I will be looking for one for sure this winter.
    Thanks for the quick response, but I thought of another question. Do you notice any bending of the winshield at higher speeds? I think it looks good and if it cuts down on wind noise on those long trips I'm going to get one. I haven't done any mods to mine yet. I was just happy to get a chance it ride it this summer (just got it this spring). But I'm going to have all winter to change that (when I'm not sledding) lol!
    Hi, I was just looking at the pictures that you posted of your bike, nice bike by the way.
    I was wondering what type of windshield you mounted on the bike, also, how well does it work in deflecting the air away from your helmet for those long trips? I'm new to the forum so I don't know how you can send an answer but I'd appreciate it.

    Thank you:
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