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    How many miles on your fz1??

    just went past 123456 on the odometer last week... forgot to take a pic though....
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    Don't ride in the Shoulder!

    I recorded this back in April, but finally had time to edit it and upload it to the toobs. This rider is the perfect example of why riders can be their own worst enemies. Not sure why he decided to flop over to the shoulder, rip on the gas and cut back into traffic.... I see this sort of...
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    Gen 1 FZ1 Rear Brake Adjustment / Bleed

    I have been riding with this adjustment for about a month now. Everything is working good, brake feel is excellent. I will look into a rebuild of the unit in the future.
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    Rear Brake Caliper, Where Can I find a replacement?

    I had had good success getting used parts on ebay from guys who pull parts at salvage yards.
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    Distracted and no Headlights

    oh dang, that sounds sketchy.
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    Anyone want this Gen 1 rear rack

    It might clamp onto the stock rear handles? I have an aftermarket rack on mine designed for a hard case that did not come with the bike, but mine actually replaces the stock handles and mounts to the subframe.
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    Any recent tire upgrade opinions? / brands / models to stay away from?

    I have yet to run a tire I did not like. My last couple of sets have been the Shinko Ravens: I mostly commute and the long life coupled with the good price has been a solid choice for me.
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    Gen 1 FZ1 Rear Brake Adjustment / Bleed

    I have not done anything with it yet. Once I adjusted the positioning screw at the brake lever all the softness is gone. I have a solid and firm feeling, I can easily lock the rear up if I mash it, everything is working like it should, the brake lever is just a bit higher than before.
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    Gen 1 FZ1 Rear Brake Adjustment / Bleed

    the bike is a 2003, has 122k miles on it. I commute with the bike so it literally is 95% highway miles, very little rear braking is used. I bought the bike with 39k miles on it. I just checked my maintenance logs and I put new pads on it at 109k, so they only have 11k miles on them. under...
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    Gen 1 FZ1 Rear Brake Adjustment / Bleed

    Over the last year I noticed my rear brake was becoming "soft". what I mean by that is I had to push the brake pedal all the way down for full engagement. I thought maybe I needed to flush the fluid out, so I did that. I am pretty sure I bled all the air our of the bleed nipples, but the end...