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    Theft Attempt - Neutral Switch went bad?

    I had the same thing happen to me. Theft attempt and afterward the neutral switch was bad. The weird thing is that after replacing the switch it will turn over and the neutral light comes on but it still won't start without the clutch in, regardless of the kickstand position. Any ideas on...
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    Bike struggles to pull, wont go over 3000 rpm

    I had a very similar problem and did the fuel line fix and runs like a banshee now
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    Front Axle spacing / Brake binding

    Hey guys, I have an '06 FZ1 that I recently pulled apart to service the front suspension. No issues there but when putting the wheels and brakes back on I discovered that the caliper was actually binding/contacting the rotor. After looking into it I found that the RH leg where the axle passes...