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  1. Blanchy

    Drag racing

    After a few tries, I finally broke into the 10sec bracket with a 10.88 pass. Happy as.
  2. Blanchy

    Anyone still here?

    Call out, still around?
  3. Blanchy

    Cruise Control MT/FZ10 left switch block

    Hi guys, got an FZ1 with a rostra electronic cruise fitted. Works great but would love to fit an MT10/FZ10 left switch block to make it look more factory. Any Auto electrician here know or suspect I can interface them?
  4. Blanchy

    Bike weight?

    Anyone else actually weighed their bike? Last time I went to the drag strip, I noticed that during Tech inspection a weight was displayed. I asked the guy inspecting how accurate that was and he said very. Mine with a full tank came up at 216kg (476 pounds) Not too bad considering that I have...
  5. Blanchy

    Drag Race

    Got a short Video of a recent run. Sounds good.
  6. Blanchy

    Greek Belly Pan/Engine Spoiler

    They popped back up on my saved ebay search. Yamaha FZ1 High Quality Engine Spoiler New | eBay
  7. Blanchy

    Ball Bearing Clutch pivot

    Don't ask why. Just because I can and it can't hurt. Purchased some 6mm ID 10mm OD 3mm width ball Bearing races cost under $10 and fitted them with a small spacer 9mm to my clutch pivot today. Feels smooth and will test ride tomorrow.
  8. Blanchy

    Have thrash on the Drag Strip?

    After my 1st go a couple of weeks ago, I'm keen for another shot. Sydney Dragway has a daytime street meet on Sunday April 24th. Anyone else want come and have a go? Should be a bit cooler by then too. Events - Sydney Dragway
  9. Blanchy

    Race 4 Real Sydney Dragway

    Finally got down to Sydney and did some 1/4 mile passes. Fastest ET 11.1 and highest top speed 204kph. So I am a slow old fart! Was a blast though, got 7 passes in could have got more but it was getting late. Impressed a Ukranian guy with an FZ1. He said how can you be doing a wheelie down over...
  10. Blanchy

    Gen2 Forks Calipers and axle (Black)

    FORKS SOLD Still have axle and calipers Got a used set of Forks whole kit for Aud $750 aprox 20k km never crashed straight and in very good condition.
  11. Blanchy

    Old Paciific Hwy

    Hey Ballmead, was that you today?
  12. Blanchy

    NFL Jarryd Hayne 49ers

    You Americans really rate his first game or is it all hype? He was a very very Good Australian Rugby League player and now he's joined the 49ers (my team) I got to hope he makes it. What are you NFL supporters thinking or have you not heard of him?
  13. Blanchy

    Gear Shift Pivot

    Went for the Sydney/Central Coast ride last Sunday. Took off up the road and thought WTF I've stuffed the gearbox? Had to return the shifter to the middle with my foot to shift the next time. I was thinking the spring/s had broken or something. Stopped to look and remembered that I had recently...
  14. Blanchy

    4th July

    Have a good day in the USA.
  15. Blanchy

    Reproduction parts. Fairing Instrument casing

    Found this on ebay. Not Yamaha parts but handy if you're on a budget.
  16. Blanchy

    Bell Star Spirit S3

    Ordered one of these any comments?
  17. Blanchy

    Writing new postt

    Short crappy demo video Editedt Cruise2 - YouTube I take no responsibility if you chose to do this. This is not “a how to” but how I did. Rostra will not offer assistance to mount these to motorcycles. That said many people have successfully done this on many different models and brands of...
  18. Blanchy

    Key lock set R1 R6 etc

    Found this on ebay. Not sure if it will fit US models? Yamaha YZF1000 R1 YZF600 R6 Lock Sets Brand NEW Aftermarket | eBay
  19. Blanchy

    Speedo Housing Gen 2 Ebay

    Just a heads up. If you need a new instrument housing, they are on ebay now (not me) Gauge Housing Clock Cover Speedometer Cover for Yamaha 06 11 FZ1N 1S Double Turn | eBay
  20. Blanchy

    Drag Race set up?

    Planning on a Race for Real at Sydney Dragway (to race my nephew) Thinking it might be useful to run a lower rear tire pressure? Also jack up the rear preload? Any suggestions?