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  1. CrazyBiker

    FS: 2009 Black Gen2 Stock Forks w/ calipers and R1 rear shock with adapter

    Black Gen2 Forks - $175 Calipers have around 10k miles on them - $80 Pads have a lot of life! Both $250 R1 Shock with Adapter (fabricated...
  2. CrazyBiker

    FS: Shad Topmaster Top Case rack

    Shad Topmaster Top Case rack - $100 Works with Givi and Kappa adapter plates as well.
  3. CrazyBiker

    FS: Gen2 Givi V35 PLX Side Pannier Racks + Bags

    SOLD SOLD! Gen 2 Givi V35 PLX Side Pannier Racks - $150 I made a custom bracket to make these work with a fender eliminator. Givi V35 Side Panniers - $450 + pickup/shipping Both - $550 + pickup/shipping
  4. CrazyBiker

    FS: Gen2 Mods Part Out

    Shad Topmaster Top Case rack - $80 Stock Screen - $20 Targa FE with Stock Tail light - $20 eBay CNC Gas tank cap - $15 eBay Oil Cap - $5 OEM clutch adjuster - $5 Gold Preload Adjusters - $10 Traxxion Preload Adjuster - $10 (if someone lost theirs) ALL - $45 Left Inner Cowl - has a bad...
  5. CrazyBiker

    Danmoto Exhaust Remote Sound Control System

    Pretty cool! I am actually in admiration of this company. Very affordable mods unlike other manufacturers that charge an arm and a leg at almost 400% markup.
  6. CrazyBiker

    Finally finished my PhD

    After 5+ years of hard work, stress, pressures it is finally done. End of a saga really but I guess this is pretty much run of the mill for most ... My topic was: “Principles of Safe and Automated Middleware Specializations for Distributed Real-Time and Embedded Systems”
  7. CrazyBiker

    PR3 Test Video

    Check out the bike in the video Michelin Pilot Road 3 Motorcycle Tire -
  8. CrazyBiker

    FS: Shad 50 Top Case w/ Backrest and Baseplate

    Used 2-3 times on the bike. In very good condition. It did get rashed on the side when my wife pushed it against the wall. I have sanded it down and painted it up. See pic. Came with a crack on the reflectors when new. They sent me new ones but never installed them but will include them. Asking...
  9. CrazyBiker

    2011 Road Sport Shootout

    For a change, MotoUSA loves the FZ1 2011 Yamaha FZ1 Comparison Video - Motorcycle Video - Motorcycle USA
  10. CrazyBiker

    FS: Brakeaway Cruise Control

    This is the best mechanical cruise control out there. $120 SOLD! Check/MO/Paypal as gift or add 4% fee
  11. CrazyBiker

    FS: Gutted, Painted, Modified Stock Exhaust

    SOLD! $100 shipped. Costs $30 to ship this boat anchor.
  12. CrazyBiker

    FS: SW-Motech Topcase Rack!

    $120 shipped. SOLD!
  13. CrazyBiker

    3D Printing!!!

    Holy Cow, this is mind blowing. ‪3D Printer‬‏ - YouTube
  14. CrazyBiker

    FS: FZ1N Kit

    $350 SOLD! Doesn't include the Proton flushmounts, radiator shrouds and the meter cover Paypal + 4%/gift, MO, Check
  15. CrazyBiker

    FZ6 and FZ1 at Walmart

    On Everstart battery covers anyway :nana: :th_smiley_rotfl2[1] Seems they love FZs. These covers have been around for some time now. I just remembered to post the picture late.
  16. CrazyBiker

    FS: NEW Gen II Puig Stock Replacement Screen (Light Smoke)

    BRAND NEW - $60 shipped SOLD!
  17. CrazyBiker

    FS: Gen II Holeshot High Mount Black Slip-On

    Good used condition. $275 shipped SOLD!
  18. CrazyBiker

    FS: Sargent Rider and Pillion Seats w/ Red Striping

    FS: Sargent Rear Seat Paypal + 4%/gift, MO, Check Sargent Pillion Seat w/ Custom Red Welt - Excellent condition w/ ard 3-4k miles - $160 Here are a couple of pics on my bike: Rider Seat - SOLD! $220 New cost w/ Custom Red Welt is $520 shipped for the pair and $320...
  19. CrazyBiker

    FS: Gen II Stock and Touring Windscreens

    Paypal + 4%/gift, MO, Check FZ1 Stock Windscreen - $35 Puig Double Bubble Windscreen (Red) - $60SOLD! Puig Double Bubble Windscreen - chopped (Dark Smoke) - $50 SOLD! Yamaha Canada Touring Screen - $100 SOLD!
  20. CrazyBiker

    FS: Gen II Front Fairing (Silver)

    Paypal + 4%/gift, MO, Check Silver Front Fairing without signals, screen - $175 SOLD! ($305 @ Ron Ayers)