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  1. scottyd

    (OP)? under our user name some times?

    Just wondering what the (OP) means under our user name some times?
  2. scottyd

    Bottoms up!

  3. scottyd

    Scottyd's mod thread

    Ok I'm in the garage on the iPad and I have the bike in the middle of the garage. I said last night that I'll start with the back of the bike first, but! The delivery guy turned up with all the stuff for the front brake upgrade. So I've started on that first. I'll post up pics as I go when I...
  4. scottyd

    Motovation front fork sliders - Gen1/2???

    Hey can anyone tell me if a set of front fork sliders for the Gen1 will fit the Gen2? Solo moto parts have sent me the gen1 ones instead of gen2....
  5. scottyd

    Lean angle!

    Check this out! Japan Police moto test - YouTube
  6. scottyd

    Burger anyone???

    Ballmead found this vid a while back, y'all might have seen it before, but here goes again... Drive-In featuring Kate Upton (Director's Cut) - The Southwest Patty Melt at Carl's Jr. and Hardee's - YouTube
  7. scottyd

    R1 Brake MC part no's....

    Ok so I've been checking out the R1 Master Cylinder upgrade and I found new ones on and new ones can be had for just a bit more than used ones on ebay. So for such an important part I'd rather a new one, after all it's my life on the line if I buy a dodgy used one... But after...
  8. scottyd

    PC-V Dual map & switch?

    Has anyone tried the Power Commander V with Dual map & switch?
  9. scottyd

    Gen II handle bar dia?

    So I'm checking out the master cyl upgrade that a lot of you are doing... but most are on the naked N bike and correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the N have a smaller diameter handle bar compared with the S models??? So if I'm looking at the 2007/2008 R6 MC, will it fit the FZ1S handle bar???
  10. scottyd

    Dremel kit

    I found this Dremel kit on ebay Dremel 4000 Series Rotary Tool Kit 4000-4/50 It's $159... The seller looks quite reliable too... Has anyone seen a better deal?
  11. scottyd

    2012 Mod List thread

    Just as Eric suggested, here is the 2012 Mod List thread :D The work I have to do on the bike... Fit the Akrapovic and Evotech hanger Remove the exup system/or cables if I dont get an eliminator Fit the Penske rear shock Do the AIS removal Fit the K&N filter Do the air box mod Clean...
  12. scottyd

    Audi to buy Ducati

    A sponsorship agreement between Italian motorcycle company Ducati and the high-performance AMG division of Mercedes-Benz isn’t expected to carry on for much longer. The reason? Rival German luxury automaker Audi is said to be in exclusive talks with the storied bike manufacturer, which could...
  13. scottyd

    LED Lights on ya bike in Aust...

    Has anyone had any trouble with the law with having LEDs fitted? Is it legal, pass rego every time?
  14. scottyd

    Sydney Dyno's? Who do you use?

    Will be looking for a shop to dyno the beast when I get back :D Any recommendations?
  15. scottyd

    Brembo brake pads?

    Brembo brake pads... Has anyone tried these out? I know all my car brake pad makers well enough to know what I want to buy, but I have no idea who make good bike brake pads... CarpiMoto - brake pads Brembo 07YA23SA sintered street (1 couple for 1 disk) - Yamaha FZ1/Fazer 1000 06-
  16. scottyd

    Yamaha releases new tank warning sticker...

    Don't say I didn't warn ya's....
  17. scottyd

    More bike stunts

    Drifting Motorbike - Drift Gymkhana - Jorian Ponomareff - YouTube
  18. scottyd

    GIpro X-type gear indicator custom install....

    GIpro X-type gear indicator custom install Development thread.... Ok, so as the story goes we have seen a vid on youtube on how to install the GIpro X-type gear indicator into the Gen II dash. So here is the vid: BRICO: INSTALACION INDICADOR MARCHA EN VELOCIMETRO EN YAMAHA FZ6 S2. Now...
  19. scottyd

    Check out the far side of the moon vid

    NASA - Multimedia - Video Gallery
  20. scottyd

    I bought a Helicopter!!!

    I'm only just learning how to fly it too. Here's some pics...