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  1. Klurejr

    Don't ride in the Shoulder!

    I recorded this back in April, but finally had time to edit it and upload it to the toobs. This rider is the perfect example of why riders can be their own worst enemies. Not sure why he decided to flop over to the shoulder, rip on the gas and cut back into traffic.... I see this sort of...
  2. Klurejr

    Gen 1 FZ1 Rear Brake Adjustment / Bleed

    Over the last year I noticed my rear brake was becoming "soft". what I mean by that is I had to push the brake pedal all the way down for full engagement. I thought maybe I needed to flush the fluid out, so I did that. I am pretty sure I bled all the air our of the bleed nipples, but the end...
  3. Klurejr

    Proving Kamchatka is not an Island

    This is a great article about an impressive achievement: You may recall in the Awesome series "long way round", Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman road GS1300's...
  4. Klurejr

    Gen 1 Thermostat Housing leaking

    I noticed a small leak that traced back to my thermostat housing and the seal between it and the plastic part the connects the radiator cap to the cooling system. I pulled it apart of the weekend and did not see anything glaring about it. I was surprized that it is just a rubber o-ring style...
  5. Klurejr

    Plug replacement without removing everything?

    If I recall correctly I had to pull my radiator off to get my plugs changed last time I did it. It is time again and I am considering just having the shop do it cause I recall it being a pain..... am I remembering this correctly? I just did the plugs on my V-Star and it was a 10 min job.....
  6. Klurejr

    2021 MotoGP Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    So, with all the craziness this last year we forgot to start a 2020 MotoGP Discussion thread. Maybe we can get one going for 2021 and recap any thoughts we had on 2020? First, Marc Marquez. His need to win at all costs finally bit him, and it bit him hard. His display of ability to race...
  7. Klurejr

    Anyone else use the site reputation?

    Another forum where I am a moderator just changed over to the same platform at and because I moderator over there I have been digging in deeper to learn more about the software. The previous version of that other site ( had a reputation system that was important to a number of...
  8. Klurejr

    Dark Mode?

    I noticed the site theme is set to "blue", would it be possible to enable the option for Dark Mode? I know this forum software will support it.
  9. Klurejr

    Troubleshooting Shame

    So I feel sorta dumb, but also not dumb. Lemme Explain. a month ago or so I noticed one of my tail lights was burnt out (not bad considering I have 120k miles on the bike) so I pulled it out and took it to my local shop. I handed the parts guy the bulb and asked for 2 new ones. He brought...
  10. Klurejr

    GEN 1 Replacement Brake Bulbs - LED or not?

    Hey everyone. i have owned my 2003 Gen 1 since 2012/2013 and with 120k miles one of the tail light bulbs just failed.... Pretty dang long life. I expect the other one is probably close to being done as well so I need to get some new ones. Visibility is very important to me since I daily commute...
  11. Klurejr

    Re-covered Grips?

    Yes I know, replacement is the better option, but my grips are heated and cost $80 when I bought them on sale. I am not in the market to spend $100 installing new Heated Grips. The rubber is solid, just starting to get tacky, I am not sure if it is due to the heat cycles or age, but the left...
  12. Klurejr

    2019 MotoGP Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    The 2019 Season is upon us! Round 1 was awesome to see a repeat of last year. Round 2 - holy cow, awesome to see Rossi back in top form and what in the world marquez was on fire, no one could touch him. I really want to see someone besides Marquez win in Austin, but the changes of that...
  13. Klurejr

    DOT Ratings on Helmets

    This is a great video linked in this article:
  14. Klurejr

    Road Rage on 78 Freeway east bound in Oceanside yesterday

    Just a regular commute home and traffic is always slow in this spot due to the loss of a lane. When it slowed a lot up ahead I figured it was an accident and could see a man out of his car. Then I saw the Ford Escape, go up on 2 wheels and tip over. You can even hear the little SUV hitting the...
  15. Klurejr

    Gen 1 Radiator

    Looking for a Gen 1 Radiator.
  16. Klurejr

    Gen 1 Fuel Tank

    Looking for a Gen 1 Fuel Tank - Any Color is fine.
  17. Klurejr

    Distracted and no Headlights

    This is a great example of a person who should have their DL revoked and be forced to ride the bus for a few years. Driving his big Dodge truck in the dark on the freeway with no headlights, not even DRL's, and staring down at his phone. I don't think he ever knew I was there at any point...
  18. Klurejr

    Hit n Run on my 2003 FZ1

    2 Days ago I was leaving work and when I walked down to the Motorcycle parking in the Garage I noticed from a distance my bike was leaning on the kickstand instead of being up on the center stand.... I normally put it on the center stand because it takes up less space, making it easier for the...
  19. Klurejr

    A very nice Gesture

    Yesterday I pulled into a shopping center and a woman "sorta" pulled in front of me as I came into the lot. But really it was no big deal as I was slowing down for the lot anyway and saw her. I honestly did not think twice about it and was going about my business without a care when she came...
  20. Klurejr

    2018 MotoGP Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    We might as well get this started and post any news from the teams and such here. I am hoping this was not a fluke season from Dovi, I hope to see him on top a bunch more in this upcoming season. I also have big hopes for Zarco, he was getting more consistent as the year went on.