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    gen 2 windscreen and front wheel

    Wheel has small dent in one lip .no rotors Michelin pr2 . windscreen is big , clear and kind of minty must be picked up in 49270 Petersburg Mi
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    brake job on my jeep

    the rear brakes have been a little growly lately so I picked up the stuff for a brake job. pulled the right rear and found this lol VIDEO0026.3gp - YouTube
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    here`s how to properly close a tailgate

    enjoy :bowdown: Proper way to close a tailgate. [VIDEO]
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    wtb scorpion db killer

    I am looking for a db killer for my scorpion c/f pipe . I can paypal or snailmail . tia Mark
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    what is an "adventure bike"

    I see new bikes called this all the time . these bikes look like ours or any other out there . so what makes an adventure bike different than any other ?
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    a video for the golfers here

    remember to write it down Hilarious: JC Anderson
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    fz-8 tail

    I`m just wondering how close is the fz-8 tailsection to the fz-1 ? In my opinion it looks pretty clean and I am trying to figure out what it would take to convert . thanks , Mark
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    I need to get a bike from Miami to Detroit

    If anyone would have room while making a trip from southern Fla to southern mi or even chicago to cleveland area . my friend is sending his gsxr 1000 back up this spring or even early summer. you will be compensated . tia Mark
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    4 hp buggy pulls semi tanker out of snowy ditch

    wow!!! YouTube - Horses Pull Out Semi Truck Stuck In Snow Bank
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    outlook express help please

    heres the whole story . I sent a webpage to a friend through outlook express . he replied to it and when I went to delete it I couldn`t . from that point on I havent been able to delete anything . even now if I hilight that piece of mail , outlook freezes . how can I get rid of it ? I have...
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    skills on a bike I will never know

    Drifting: Motorcycle vs. Car. [VIDEO]
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    a please watch video

    no kids YouTube - TAC Campaign - 20 year Anniversary retrospective montage "Everybody Hurts" music by REM TV ad
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    windscreen for sliders

    I have a clear yamaha touring screen I would be happy to swap for a set of frame and axle sliders . this is from and for my 08 fz1 thanks Mark
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    bike wont start in gear

    if my bike is in gear it wont start ( yes I pull in the clutch ) I must put it in neutral to start . is this the norm or do I have a switch on the fritz . thanks in advance for your input . Mark