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  1. theWolfTamer

    Wishful thinking...the trailer I'd like to build

    I can convert my hf 4x8 heavy duty into a lite toy hauler: But a little more cushy. Just ran across these while I was thinking about re-doing my trailer.
  2. theWolfTamer

    Better than GoPro?

    MiCamcorder - Mi-96HD HD POV Camera It has a slightly smaller field of view but comes with a screen and remote. By the time you add those accesories to the gopro you're at the same price or more. Video: GSX-R 750 with Mi Camcorder Mi-96HD at 720p 60 fps
  3. theWolfTamer

    My VX800

    is finally at home in the garage after a couple of years sitting in my friends back yard. He helped me to put hard luggage on it a couple of years ago when my brother was doing funeral escorts and I was hoping to do them too. A little politics and my brother got out of it so the bike just sat...
  4. theWolfTamer

    History Channel Motorcycle Shows

    Hairy Bikers. I had such hope for this show. I was hoping I'd get to see some touring oriented show that focused on the bikes and the lifestyle. What I see is like the Alton show feasting on asphalt where it doesn't matter how they're getting to the different places, the food is the star...
  5. theWolfTamer

    Buying a tablet wholesale

    So I found a link where I can get all 6 members of my immediate family tablets for a price well in my budget. Here are the specs on the tablets: CPU: CONTEX A9 FSB 1G MHZ Memory: DDR 512MB Nandflash: 4GB-32GB(standard 4GB) Extended: tf card U disk GPS: Build in Antenna: External...
  6. theWolfTamer

    Sick and tired of windows blue screen!

    Earlier this year I upgraded to Windows7 from Vista thinking it'd cure it but it didn't. A little research and I learned that my video card doesn't have a driver for the updated windows--vista or 7 that I upgraded to. Blue screen always comes at the wrong time, not that there can be a right...
  7. theWolfTamer

    Gen1 in 3d

    My attempts to make a 3d video using Autodesk Photofly and Baby. I'm using these pictures: First attempt is plain sad: Yamaha FZ1 Gen1 in 3d attempt 1 - YouTube Made more difficult by all the reflective surfaces. After a bit of googling and watching other vids, I...
  8. theWolfTamer

    WTB: Gen2 Upper Triple

    I know this is a long shot but I'd like to purchase a Gen2 Upper triple to complete the r1 fork conversion on my gen1. So, anybody got one they can sell?
  9. theWolfTamer

    Choke stuck; problem solved but wondering why

    A few months a go I serviced my EXUP. Not long after I started getting the 7k tach error. I loosened one of the cables and the error went away but came back periodically. I was too lazy to get down there and do it again. Last week I noticed my choke was frozen. I check and made sure the...
  10. theWolfTamer

    I've done the testing, now it's time to ride!

    Here are some vids from my last few rides after I've gotten my mounting sorted: This is a long one that covers a long day on the bike. I rode 463 miles that day. ‪New Roads‬‏ - YouTube The story that goes with the video is here: theWolfTamer Chronicles: Ride Report: New Roads A...
  11. theWolfTamer

    New Roads

    After all of my test videos, I finally did a real world ride! Cruzman and I went out last Sunday and took in some new to us roads. We got rained on a little bit but still managed to have a fantastic time! I rode 463 miles and he got in 535 miles the difference is us living on the opposite...
  12. theWolfTamer

    New member of the family

    Last winter, I promised my mom a dawg for her birthday/Christmas present. Unfortunately she got sick so I waited until she got better before I started looking again. Last week on the way home from her doctor's appointment, we saw a sign leaning against a mailbox advertising the exact breed she...
  13. theWolfTamer

    Almost everyone coming home

    I guess that answered the question I never asked after OBL was kilt. Since that was truly mission accomplished how long before the war is really over. In the end 70k will still be over there but that's better than were we are now. Is leaving 70k troops still a war?
  14. theWolfTamer

    Shark Bluetooth Comms: Motorcycle Bluetooth Multi Interphone

    Recently Cruzman and I upgraded our comms from Motocomm to bluetooth. In my ongoing quest to find the best value for my dollar, once again I eschewed the well known brands in favor of something less expensive. This time, I chose (with Cruzman's help) the Motorcycle Bluetooth Multi Interphone...
  15. theWolfTamer


    From the folk at Tail of the Dragon. Great resource for SE roads. Tail of the Dragon Touring Routes and Descriptions for motorcycle and sport car tourism serving Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap, Cherohala Skyway, Moonshiner28, and Devils Triangle area and beyond. Tail of the Dragon Touring...
  16. theWolfTamer

    Going on the road

    Next month I'm going to embark on a kind of coast to coast. From GA to WA to visit an old friend. I've got a tentative planned route to get there: . The closer the time comes, the more I rethink that route. I'm really looking forward to seeing my friend and I start thinking about...
  17. theWolfTamer

    Gen 2 OEM Handle Bars

    I think I tweaked mine and would like another set. I regret not ordering a set from partshark when I got my other stuff. Thanks. UPDATE: Got one!!
  18. theWolfTamer

    How early is too early?

    I have a friend near Seattle WA that I would like to visit at the end of May from Georgia. I want to take about 6 days to make the trip one way avoiding Slab where ever possible. My friend says the mountain passes are bad then. Is mid-late May too early to ride out to visit them? Thanks for...
  19. theWolfTamer

    20 March 11: Riding with the big boys

    I was feeling Fizzy again so I met up with some other FZ1 Riders. I got to meet some new people and ride with some old friends. We started the day with about 9 or 10 bikes and gathered more area riders along the way. We picked up 5 or 6 more in Helen before I finally remembered to turn on the...
  20. theWolfTamer

    FZ1 Logo stickers

    I just replaced my fairing and need to put the FZ1 stickers on the side to finish the job. I know I read some tips somewhere but my search skills are very poor. Any tips on how I can get them on straight without ruining them? Thanks.