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    Gen 2 passenger pegs

    I have a set if you want 'em. $20 shipped. I replaced my passenger pegs with the ones from a FJ-13 (I think?) with the rubber insets to reduce the vibration 'cause my wife was complaining about her feet going numb. Edit: I went and dug them out -- it looks like I have just the pegs themselves...
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    Dragging CS in turn

    Be careful! If that center stand grabs a pothole, you're done for! You don't need that much lean angle on the street. If you want to scrub the edges of the tires, do a track day. That's different from what I observed on my '09 FZ1. I dragged the pegs a lot when on the track, even when I removed...
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    WTB: Damaged Gen 2 Parts

    Insurance fraud?
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    FZ-1 vs FZ-10 on the track

    I have been riding my 2009 FZ1 on the street for 6 years, and also on the track for the last year. I had an opportunity to ride the FZ10 at the track through Yamaha demo days, which I was excited to do to see if it would be the eventual replacement for my FZ1. I'd like to see if my experience...
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    Dunlop Q3+

    I found out about the Q3+ the weekend after I got my Q3s installed. Doh! But I got a $40 rebate + 2 motoamerica tickets as a promotion, so not too terribly sad.
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    Heated gear

    For my winter gear, I have Arctiva zip-off overalls. You can take them on and off fully dressed without taking your boots/shoes off. They are not heated, but I can ride down to about the freezing point and the weak link is always my hands (I don't have heated gloves); my legs never really get...
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    Anchor point for oil plug safety wire

    johnnyontherocks: ah were you the one that had your FZ1 stolen?
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    Anchor point for oil plug safety wire

    jared p: Safety wiring the oil plug is "strongly recommended" for novice/intermediate group in the trackday group I am a part of (, required for advanced group. I went ahead and did the filler cap and oil filter for my first day, and ordered a pre-drilled magnetic drain plug (had...
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    Anchor point for oil plug safety wire

    Doesn't look like I'll probably make any more track days this season (most of the tracks are far away, and the dates don't work for me on the close ones), but I'm going to try to go back out next year at Summit Point and/or NJMP. Trying to remember who you guy?
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    Anchor point for oil plug safety wire

    When safety wiring the oil plug, what do you guys use as an anchor point? I don't see anything obvious nearby.
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    Michelin Pilot Road 4 on track

    Quite a bit globby at the edges. You can see on the rear tire I didn't quite make it to the edge (footpegs hit first), but they kept me confident and I didn't feel any slipping. I was trying to be smooth on throttle and brakes; they say smooth is the key to not suddenly finding yourself on the...
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    Michelin Pilot Road 4 on track

    I rode at New Jersey Motorsports Park (Thunderbolt) on Monday with my street tires, the Pilot Road 4. I was initially concerned that I would have traction issues. The weather was perfect (about 80 degrees, mostly sunny), track grippy and I had no problems with traction at all. I leaned until...
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    Headlight tape for track days

    I ended up going with black masking tape, then white duct tape over that for a background to make my black numbers stand out. Then I found out my numbers didn't have sticky backs, so I used packing tape over top to hold them on! Anyway it worked.
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    Aluminum magnetic drain plug

    For any who have safety wired the oil plug -- what do you use as the anchor point? I don't really see anything close by with a convenient loop.
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    Headlight tape for track days

    They make you tape tail lights as well as headlights. The idea is that if the plastic breaks in a crash, the tape keeps it together instead of leaving small debris on the track.
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    Aluminum magnetic drain plug

    Nice--I think that will give me better peace of mind than aluminum. Thanks! Picking one up now.
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    Aluminum magnetic drain plug

    I see a lot of magnetic oil drain plugs on ebay and other online retailers. Many of those come pre-drilled for safety wire, which is what I'm really looking for to get my bike ready for track day (drilling my own may be a pain). All of them seem to be made out of aluminum though. Has anybody...
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    I just changed my plugs, around 15.5k miles (5 years). Was having no problems but wanted to do a tune-up before taking it to the track next month. The plugs looked good, but you could definitely tell there was wear on the electrodes; if you looked square on the tip of the electrode, it was...
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    FZ1 vs. MT-10

    I saw the specs first...crossplane engine, traction control, ABS...and suddenly I thought my perfect-for-me bike has a future replacement. Then I saw the pictures and became less sure...the front end bug-eyed looks awful to me. If it had the old FZ1 headlights and front-end fairing/windscreen...
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    Headlight tape for track days

    I know a lot of people use colored duct tape or blue painter's tape for covering headlights for track days (often a requirement), but does anybody know of any pre-sized FZ1 headlight tape decals? I know they have some for R1/R6: YAMAHA – TrakTape Or is there a single large-sheet tape for...