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  1. theWolfTamer

    Good Insulated Gloves

    I have an 05 and use glove liners and heated grips. I have led bulbs wherever bulbs go. Haven't had stator problems.
  2. theWolfTamer

    Gen 1 fairing mod.

    I'd love to see more pics of the workings. Had a little get off on mine and have been thinking about fairing mods since then.
  3. theWolfTamer

    White German Shepherds

    I thought my akita "talking" was annoying. She solved the food container problem by eating the latch. I can not cool Mac n cheese on the counter either...she LOVES Mac n cheese, drinks hot tea but not coffee.
  4. theWolfTamer

    Noise in helmet from mirrors

    Fuzzy mirror mod works okay. I put kiwav mirrors on mine and got instant improvement. I had to widen holes a little but love my choice. theWolfTamer Chronicles: FZ1 Mod: New Mirrors
  5. theWolfTamer

    Dan Moto - US vs International

    Prices are about the same when you add shipping. It's just a matter of delivery times.
  6. theWolfTamer


    I love my exhaust. It's a little louder now that is older. I wear ear plugs and bought some at a gas station during the rally because of getting drenched on arrival day. I pulled over twice thinking there was something wrong with my bike. It was suddenly a lot louder. As soon as I saw...
  7. theWolfTamer

    Gen 1 Naked Conversion Questions

    There's a bunch of reasonably priced parts on eBay today.
  8. theWolfTamer

    Gen 1 Starting and Stalling issues

    Battery? Bad or going Battery Makes it do weird things.
  9. theWolfTamer

    Testing the new camera...go pro style this time

    I just bought a couple of new cameras after losing my other one in a tree while flying with it on my quad. theWolfTamer Chronicles: Product Review: SJ7000/DV603D Action Camera Here are a few test videos This is basically straight out of the box in full hd 1080p @ 30fps...
  10. theWolfTamer

    A ride up Del Puerto Canyon

    Thanks. I guess I'll need to order clear screen now.
  11. theWolfTamer

    A ride up Del Puerto Canyon

    Are you using an external Mic? How'd you get so little wind noise? Sent from my NXA8QC116 using Tapatalk
  12. theWolfTamer

    What forks are compatible with the 2001 FZ1?

    theWolfTamer Chronicles: FZ1 Mod: Remember when I said I was done? theWolfTamer Chronicles: FZ1 Mod: Front Suspension theWolfTamer Chronicles: FZ1 Mod: R1 Fork Conversion Revisited theWolfTamer Chronicles: FZ1 Mod: Front Suspension Continued
  13. theWolfTamer

    Search for rearsets solution

    This is true. I assume everything is made in China regardless of the business' home country because so much is nowadays. Gotta love the worldwide economy. Sent from my MID815 using Tapatalk
  14. theWolfTamer

    Search for rearsets solution

    When I saw this last night, I thought I could just forget about it and not post my $.02 but I can't. I recently installed the Danmoto Generation 2 Rearsets on my Gen1. They make them for the Gen2 as well. (My install: theWolfTamer Chronicles: FZ1 Mod: Rearsets) You have to do minor fiddling...
  15. theWolfTamer

    What did you do to your FZ today?

    Rode about 700 miles on Sunday and Monday. New rearsets are great upgrade, now to find a good position.
  16. theWolfTamer

    What did you do to your FZ today?

    I've been a lurking fool :) I put rearsets on the bike this week so no more boot scraping for me! theWolfTamer Chronicles: FZ1 Mod: Rearsets
  17. theWolfTamer

    What bike would you ride if you could now longer ride a Sportbike?

    After I exhausted all mods to get more comfortable, I'd get a Goldwing then move to Florida.
  18. theWolfTamer

    What did you do to your Non-FZ1 motorcycle today.

    If you say so. I've ridden gen2 before and didn't feel that comfortable. There must be something to it as it's had a longer production run than the gen1. At this point, my gen1 is custom to me so almost anything is uncomfortable in comparison. I've decided my next bike will have to be...
  19. theWolfTamer

    What did you do to your Non-FZ1 motorcycle today.

    Blashpemy and proven totally false at this year's FZ1 rally. Likely to be re-proven again at fall gathering in W.V. Just ask PJ, he'll tell you all about the gen2 guy who took his bike to wheeler's to get dynoed had results that would make any respectable gen 1 owner cringe, When the guy asked...
  20. theWolfTamer

    What did you do to your Non-FZ1 motorcycle today.

    Go clean your ears man! I'll never willing sell the FZ1. Sold my VX800 after finally admitting to myself I'm no mechanic. I gotta get my eyes checked though, I swear I see "2009 FZ1" in your sig line. I need to get caught up on this forum. Haven't been on either in a while...busy building...