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  1. FLFZ1

    Two Brothers

    I have a db killer in mine, but I am going to take it out. I guess the cops aren't as tough here in Florida and it only gets real loud over 8,000 rpm.
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    How do you guys feel about this?

    Was the cop that pulled the gun in front of him right at the beginning of the video? The bike pulls to the right lane and then pulls the wheelie. I think the cop saw him do that and then called for back up. Still pulling the gun was uncalled for. Also right at the end when he is...
  3. FLFZ1

    pic of my new baby as promised

    I guess I just do not get it. I understand the 197hp which I definately do not need or want for that matter. Never have liked the styling of the Busa. I think the GSXR1000 or 750 look better. Also would not want to pay the insurance premium on that bad boy.
  4. FLFZ1

    Show us your mug!

    Here are a few. My son (typically my passenger) and me. My best friend and me at Helen, GA in the spring. The last is with my wife and son.
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    I know this isn't a motorcycle lol.

    Here are my specs Computer with monitor, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. That is about all i know about them. LOL
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    Yamaha Sport Scoops

    Hey guys. Sorry for the delay in getting a set and making more sets. Have been remodeling kitchen, studying for state fire safety certification (passed test on thurs.), taking care of 2 - 92 yr olds and one 74 yr old, spending time with family, work, new business, new website. Hope to...
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    Hurt Report

    I use information from the Hurt report all the time. Well I used to when a discussion came up that motorcycle helmets were dangerous. Good stuff.
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    Can u put a bigger tire on an 04 fz1 then what it comes with stock?

    The handling will be affected. The bike will not be as responsive. You will not like the handling as much as you like the look.
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    Honest Feedback on 2008/2009 FZ1's

    07 - 09 should have no problems. I have 08 and I have had no issues with the snatchiness of the throttle, except that I keep snatching a handful every time I ride it. Look on this and the other forum. A number of good bikes, that are barely broken in that are for sale with a ton of mods...
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    Great Weather For This Sunday!

    Get continuation as long as possible. Get as many as possible. Hopefully the cop won't show up.
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    Test rode an FZ1 today

    WT.... The bike you ride now produces how much HP? The bike you rode today will produce around 130+ hp. If you never got it out of second gear then you don't know what this bike will do. If you did not get the rpms up to about 7k you have no idea what you were riding. I rode my bike for a...
  12. FLFZ1

    potential newbie still looking

    Have not dealt with the carbed FZ, but most times I have heard that once they get gummed up it is hard to keep them clean for some reason. If it will run you can bring it home, clean the carbs, put in new jet kit and see how she does. Or just step UP to a GenII. :starwars::stirpot:
  13. FLFZ1

    Integrated Blinkers Mirrors Mod

    2006-2008 Suzuki GSXR 600 750 1000 Black Mirrors + Clear Turn Signals: M012-Black Motorcycle Parts, Frame Sliders, Mirrors, Tail Lights, Grips, LED Turn Signals, Light, Windscreens, Levers, Accessories, Bar Ends for Honda Kawasaki Suzuki Yamaha – D $50 not bad price. Suzuki mirrors with...
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    Integrated Blinkers Mirrors Mod

    My whole thought process on this would be to get rid of the stock mirrors because they are too high. Like a lower look.
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    Yamaha Sport Scoops

    He did not seem to want to do that. Not sure if the trash has already been picked up. I could have put them back together enough to get them done. I think he was pretty bummed about it. I did find out I can get a set for $350 vs. $375. So somewhat of a discount. It is a one time thing...
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    Yamaha Sport Scoops

    Good news/bad news Bad news - JLewis02 had them boxed yesterday to send to me (good news). His bike fell over on the box and crushed the scoops. Most of all I feel like crap in that he took them off to send to me. Had they not been off the bike they would not have been crushed. So we are back...
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    Integrated Blinkers Mirrors Mod

    I think I would be interested in the Honda version. I like the lower stalk on those.
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    Advice: Do you recommend?

    If you are that cold then put on another layer or better jacket. Good gear is a must. Look on here at pics of guy's bikes. Go to Yamaha FZ1 Owners Association (FZ1OA) Check out some of the pics of bikes, bikes for sale, etc. You will see a number with the Copperdawg screen on them. I...
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    Advice: Do you recommend?

    You can drop the bars about 1". More than that and you will be hitting the tank. look up copperdawg screens. Pretty nice and he color matches them to the bike. Home
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    Yamaha Sport Scoops

    As Jlewis said he is boxing them up to send to me. I am going to be making molds for just the radiator shrouds this week. Will then make covers out of CF. We are thinking of making them so that they apply with double sided tape. They will fit right over the existing shrouds. This will...