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  1. stretched06

    New ride

    Thanks guys. I believe on motor he went 8.70-.80. the best it has went on spray was 8.31 but it ran out of gearing so it will need a smaller rear sprocket when i start to spray it. Similar built motors are making around 220hp at the tire.
  2. stretched06

    New ride Back at it! Well should be by the end of the month. Taking it apart and checking everything before I make a pass. 2008 zx14, built motor with nos.
  3. stretched06

    The old fz1

    I wish I knew. He didn't get to talk to the new owner.
  4. stretched06

    The old fz1

    Today a friend sent me some pics of my old bike. Made me a little sad to see her this way.
  5. stretched06

    Swingarm extensions?

    I would call them. If they sell them under 04-06 one would think they are all the same, but it never hurts to ask. If they are all the same for the three years maybe the ones you received are for something else all together.
  6. stretched06

    Swingarm extensions?

    I just looked and ftd customs sell each year separately. What year did you order?
  7. stretched06

    Swingarm extensions?

    Thats odd. Mine were off a 04 r1. I do think they changed the r1 swingarm some in 06 but most parts say 04-06 when you buy them. When we did mine I took the parts off my buddys 04 so all the parts I ordered were for a 2004 r1. I still lurk around, this forum has a great bunch of people
  8. stretched06

    First ride in two years.

    Hello, its been a long time since I have posted here. I sold the fz1 in 2013 and havent rode one since. Last Wednesday my buddy gave me his 04 zx10 for the night. I had a lot of fun and got my thinking about a drag bike for some fun. Take care everyone.
  9. stretched06

    1/4mi run at the track -11.55 @ 127.08 & the ultimate pucker factor

    thats typical mcir. i havent been there in a few years and forgot how bad it is.
  10. stretched06

    supercharged fz1

    Are you going to run any kind of boost controller?
  11. stretched06

    Finally getting one

    Mike, if you are goint to be painting i bet Pat would sell you one in primer. That is how he sold me my seat cowl, I cant remember price but it was cheaper unpainted.
  12. stretched06

    When gravel attack

    Thats a bummer, glad you are ok.
  13. stretched06

    Track Worker killed by an unmanned R1 during a track day in Florida

    very sad news. The thing i cant understand is why anyone would ghostride a bike. pull in the clutch, hit kill switch brake to a stop. I realize i was not there and dont know the whole story.
  14. stretched06

    Happy Birthday Billy

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILLY!!!! Hope you have a great day.
  15. stretched06

    Drag Race set up?

    That stinks! I feel for you,I dont even want to think how many times we went to the track and not race. I was looking forward to hear your time. Dont give up, it is fun when they let you race
  16. stretched06

    Drag Race set up?

    I would do a small burnout,it will help. All a street tire needs is a small one, to clean the tire. About as soon as it starts smoking should be enough. Remember to keep your tires out of the water box, they say it collects in the tread and can pool up under your tire at the line.
  17. stretched06

    Drag Race set up?

    Sounds like its going to be a good race! How much time has your nephew had on a bike? Have you ever raced on a drag strip? I went to a plase that held N.H.R.A. and it was alot different than the street. You could hear your tires rolling and you boots unsticking from the track at the line. It...
  18. stretched06

    Drag Race set up?

    I always left the preload alone. I would soften up the comp. alittle. The rebound is slowed down so the bike stays squated longer than normal. I always kept mine as low as possable at the track. A buddy of mine had a gsxr600 and one day he got the idea to soften everything up all the way and...
  19. stretched06

    Recommend a Clutch Kit

    I put 10% heaver springs(ebc) on the stock clutch, i think at around 1,000 miles and it went 11,000 miles and 90 some drag passes. Thats what I replaced it with and it was around 3,000 miles and over 100 passes and holding strong when I sold it. So I like oem with heavy springs.
  20. stretched06

    Drag Race set up?

    What does your nephew ride? I have seen alot of drag suspension vids on youtube, I think that would be your best advice(make sure its a name you know. Brock, Schnitz, or Gadson....) if memory is correct my launch was around 10,000rpm(i slowly built up to that) i remember the bike was easy to...