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    There are others out here. I was was in three services, since `89. The VA helped me when younger and Now I work there. I see the young ones coming in, and there are so many willing to help. I still have issues but have learned to find other alternatives. Be patient with all Veterans, they...
  2. dentaldude

    What did you do to your FZ today?

    Planned on painting the saddlebag support I made. Did test runs. I have installed the exhaust, touring scene, FE, integrated taillight, T-rex sliders, Sw tank bag, and soft saddlebags. Still more to go. But happy with my first FZ1.
  3. dentaldude

    F/S: Gorilla 7007 Bike Alarm

    pm sent on the alarm
  4. dentaldude

    Happy Birthday, Dude

    Happy Birthday, Dude
  5. dentaldude

    Roll Call: North Texas, DFW Metroplex & Area

    A ok Everything ok, the trailers flying was 2 miles south of my location. As a part of a diaster response team we secured the VA hospital as it passed. I am in Dallas so any local riders need help or wanna ride. Hope all is well with families and friends in the area. Alot of scructure damage...