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    Throttle tube spacer issue (Sticky throttle)

    Hi guys was lubing throttle cables as part of normal maintenance after putting things back together the throttle felt stiffer than it did before also also a little sticky. After taking it apart numerous times I noticed this washer on the inner edge of the throttle tube near the cam, you can see...
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    Intermittent startup problem

    I've seen this occur on other Yamaha vehicles IIRC the error code was 12 for crank position sensor however the bike runs perfectly fine once cranked. I do hear a click from under the seat every time I press the start switch which makes me think the starter relay is working fine (although it's...
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    Bike choking/hesitating when full throttling after air filter change

    Gen 2 FZ1N with nearly 7K on the clock Mods on the bike -Beowulf carbon slip on exhaust -Exup eliminator -DNA air filter -Stock map (AFAIK) no fuel controllers So I changed my air filter to a DNA one recently and noticed if I apply too much throttle abruptly for example pulling away fairly...
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    Shorting starter relay

    Hi guys I own a 2010 FZ1 N ABS and recently started to get an intermittent issue where the bikes starter won't crank on starter press but will always click, sometimes It will click then after 2 odd seconds will start cranking, other times it starts as if nothing is wrong. Once the bike is...