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  1. ballmead

    Eddie (Dirt Road) Seat Gen II custom riders seat (Australia Only)

    I have a genuine Eddie (Dirt road) custom rider's seat for sale Fits 2006 to 2015 FZ1S and FZ1N It's super comfy and is finished in carbon fibre look cover with blue stitching. It's in excellent condition. $220 (includes postage Australia wide) Seat 1 Seat 2 Seat 3 Seat 4 Seat 5
  2. ballmead

    New Arrow mid-pipe for sale (Australia only)

    I have a new, never fitted Arrow mid-pipe for sale. Arrow part No. 71343MI It allows the fitment of an Arrow muffler on to your stock Gen II headers or Arrow headers. $60 delivered Australia wide.
  3. ballmead

    Arrow Dark Slip-on (Australia)

    I have an Arrow Dark Aluminium Slip-on for sale for a Gen II FZ1. Arrow part number: 71708AON Maxi Race Tech Steel Cap It's complete with Midpipe and mounting hardware and is ready to bolt up to your headers. It's in great condition with no damage, see pics below. Includes removable dB...
  4. ballmead

    Effing Photobucket has screwed it's users

    Due to a terms of service change, free accounts can no longer host 3rd party photos. All the photos I was linking via Photobucket no longer appear here or on any websites that I frequent. They just have a message that 3rd party hosting has been disabled along with a photobucket logo. Get...
  5. ballmead

    Rizoma Veloce Naked Mirrors

    I bought a set of Rizoma Veloce naked mirrors from in italy. Firstly, Carpimoto are awesome; The mirrors were very keenly priced and I received them from Italy to Australia in 3 days. The best part: the shipping was free!! I had a set of Rizoma Tomok mirrors which looked cool...
  6. ballmead

    MDI Carbon Fibre Instrument cover (Australia Only)

    MDI Carbon Fibre Instrument cover GenII (Australia Only) Hi all, I have a brand new, never fitted MDI carbon fibre instrument cover for sale. This is for a GenII FZ1. It's matt finish with plain twill It took months to turn up and they sent me the wrong finish.....arrgh!! I have decided to try...
  7. ballmead

    Rizoma Risers 60mm Tapered (Australia only)

    I have a set of Rizoma 60mm tapered risers for sale, in great condition. These allow you to fit Rizoma 29mm tapered bars (or similar) They come with fitting instructions and everything you require to fit to your FZ1. I have all mounting accessories to allow fitting to 10mm and 12mm holes...
  8. ballmead

    (Sydney/Central Coast) Ride to Terrigal Sunday 26th July

    I thought I would post this ride in it's own thread. We are going on a ride this weekend up the Old road to Terrigal for lunch and back. We will be meeting 11am this Sunday 26th July @ "Pie in The Sky" on the Old Rd. Pie in the Sky | Unbeatable Australian Pies for details on how to get...
  9. ballmead

    BOTM Photo on the Homepage

    The BOTM photo on the homepage does not open to a larger picture when you click on it. Is this something that can be fixed as it's quite a small thumbnail style picture.
  10. ballmead

    Tuono mirrors on a FZ1N

    This afternoon I fit yet another set of mirrors to my 2010 FZ1N. This time I went for Aprilia Tuono mirrors which cost me $84 from Bikebiz here in Sydney. They work really well and look way better than the stock mirrors. The are both right hand threads, so they won't fit a stock FZ1N's master...
  11. ballmead

    Motorcycle leather scuff repairs?

    Has anyone here repaired scuffs on their motorcycle leathers? I have an old set of scuffed leathers (black) that I'd like to make look a bit nicer. What do you use to repaint the scuffed area?
  12. ballmead

    Alpinestars Octane-S Moto gloves (Large) ##Australia only##

    Alpinestars Octane-S Moto gloves (Large) ##SOLD## I have a pair of Alpinestars Octane-S Moto gloves for sale. Only worn a hand-full of times, pardon the pun ;) They are in excellent condition and are only just broken in. Size large but they are a smaller fit and would fit someone who...
  13. ballmead

    Which 530 chain?

    I'm starting to see the tell tale red marks in my chain, so I need some recommendations for a new chain. I want to stick with the stock 530 pitch and was thinking about going an EK ZZZ? Overkill? Any other recommendations? I'm going to need at least 124 links as I will be running -1 +2...
  14. ballmead

    Excellent Tyre choice/info write up

    Here is an excellent write up on choosing road tyres for your ride. What is very interesting is that they claim that sport touring tyres have more than enough grip for 90% of street riders. I've just bought myself a set of T30 Bridgestones after riding on nothing but hyper-sport tyres so we'll...
  15. ballmead

    Ballmead's AIS Block off plate install

    To install these: It's much easier if you remove this: Which leaves plenty of room like this: And with the use of this tool: Used like this: It makes removing this: A 5 minutes a side job which now looks like this: If you are thinking of doing the AIS block off, do it at...
  16. ballmead

    LighTech rearsets

    I fitted up my LighTech rearsets this afternoon. They are awesome quality and are different to the first version of them that I have seen in pics. The best part, they fit through the frame like the stock rearsets, which was a must for me. I set them around 20mm higher and around 15mm further...
  17. ballmead

    Premium membership not carried on?

    Hi Admin, I just received an email saying that my inbox is full and a message did not get sent to me. I can't even send you a PM. I also do not have my Premium Member title or access to the VIP forum. I sent a recurring payment via PayPal to you on the 18th Sept 2014 PayPal...
  18. ballmead

    Best of Motorcycles 2 YouTube Video

    Here is another awesome Motorcycle video by Jaco. It's got everything including road bikes, dirt bikes, stunting, road racing, MotoGP etc. If you've got a spare 20 or so minutes to kill, it's well worth a look.
  19. ballmead

    Yamaha R1 forks 2007 (Australia)

    Yamaha R1 forks 2007 (Australia) ##SOLD## These forks are now sold to a fellow FZ1 owner
  20. ballmead


    I've noticed the user title threadhead under mine and others usernames. What is a threadhead?