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    Motorcycle riding and hearing loss

    there is more to ear plugs than just a plug, look at the db rating first. as some plugs are just trash. first stop is a contractors supply house. can buy in bulk (box of 1000) at a low cost point for good plugs. not e-bay, or amazon. avoid those two places. believe me price point is not want you...
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    ol blue

    last week, turning east onto march ln in stockton, ca. forget time. looked like maybe a gen 2 fz1. nice bright blue bike. good to see other fz's in this area.
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    parts off a totaled fz1 motor.

    lots of lookey-loos. but no takers. guess i get to buy a "kit" with lots of shims i will never need.
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    Parting out 03 FZ1

    guess not.
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    i may be wrong. but i understand the fz1 crank is heaver than the r1 crank. done so for better street usage. aka low end. but all bearings might be the same. never looked into such.
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    misc parts from first gen for sale-andreas

    do not feel to bad there, as i live in San Andreas. California, USA.
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    Misc Gen 1 parts for sale

    how about just the 20 valve shims
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    Parting out 03 FZ1

    are you parting out the motor? if so how about selling me just the valve shims?
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    Gen 1 Saddle Bags & Top case

    not right now but will work on some photos
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    26,000 mile valve adjustment

    if any out there have a totaled gen one fz1 motor i would like to buy your valve shims.
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    parts off a totaled fz1 motor.

    i am in a bit of need for a number of shims for a fz1 motor. does anyone have a totaled gen one fz1 motor that is kapute? i would like to buy the valve shims from you. .
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    Gen 1 Saddle Bags & Top case

    i have a flat plate mounted. and a pelican style case that attaches to it. and a set of soft saddle bag's. then a web thingy and back pack. all together i can carry a lot, and have done many a mile doing such, bike camping. thought about doing a mod to a spare seat pan. gen 1 fz1.
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    FZ1's in the SF bay area

    i know decades old. but scout. yes on the Alameda county sheriff riding class. worth it for everybody young, old nu-be, long time rider. and yes use there BIG heavy bikes.
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    GEN 1 Replacement Brake Bulbs - LED or not?

    i have found in my life that normal bulbs ver led. does not matter. as the fools that rear-end you are not looking to start with. but with the low output of the gen on the fz1. led's can not hurt, more than your bank account.
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    FZ1 Charging or Starting Problem

    have you checked ALL the wire connections? they can corode even if unseen can hurt the curent flow enought to drop the voltage to prevent things from happening. sometimes a wire can just"go bad".
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    Ever had tire blow out from the inside and Crack the tire to the sidewall?

    as a now retired truck driver 40 years behind the wheel. i have had a number of blowouts, one scattered millions of bits. one split the rubber from one bead over the tread to the other bead. but the hard wire in both beads kept it on the rim. even threw a gaiter and the carcass still held air...
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    Need help with stolen bike

    sad crooks()-up the wiring. how long was it gone? crashed? visible damage? they could have abused the motor. i say part it out and buy a "new" first gen FZ1. and triple lock it up.
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    The fonz is 70 years old !!

    he has stated a number of time he hates motos and believes they are only death traps. only time in the series it was a stunt double riding the bike. in the movie it was a hot rod not a motobike
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    Issues with Ivans Jet kit

    contact Ivan. and report back here. try real pure gasoline.. not the watered down pump junk.
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    2001 FZ1

    treat it right and it will be a keeper. just have to keep the kid's from taking it from you.