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  1. basmn

    Exhaust sound recommendations!

    I installed the MIVV slip on, nice and light buity sound ( not loud) and light weight
  2. basmn

    What's The Consensus On Rotor Stator Replacement?

    Just go to the rm website or Amazon and read the Reviews. That's were I got that info.
  3. basmn

    What's The Consensus On Rotor Stator Replacement?

    Sounds like some had to modify the rm product slightly to fit properly ( sanding) ?
  4. basmn


    +1 for the sw- mototec blaze . Great set, they hold lots of stuff and come of in a jiffy when u want to go back to the sporti look
  5. basmn

    Slip ons

    MIVV slip on...great sound ( not loud) and performance. You also loose about 30lbs
  6. basmn

    Bogie's FZ10 Build Thread

    If you think the FZ1/ FZ10 ( or Yamahas in general ) have twitchy throttles you should try my YZ250FX... fucken near killed my self first time i rode it....:surrender: Sorry to change the subject...
  7. basmn

    Bogie's FZ10 Build Thread

    Nice ride you have there... i rode a demo last week.... didn't get a chance to let it rip but for the short time i rode it well its ok.... a bit of a twitchy throttle in oh shit mode... nothing i coulgnt get used to... kind a chuggy in stop and go traffic... but well that R 1 engine sure sounds nice
  8. basmn

    FS: Gen II Power Commander V

    pm sent on FZ1oa site
  9. basmn

    FS: MIVV Suono Exhaust

    +1 on that. USPS is the only way to go. No border or broker fees. It just suckss that the CDN DOLLAR is so low
  10. basmn

    My black 2006 FZ1 from belgium

    Marc, PM sent
  11. basmn

    Excellent Tyre choice/info write up

    nice article, lots of great info. I have to slightly disagree with the statement on track scrubs though. I use them all the time, I use warmers and have not encountered any issues (running track days) . I run the advanced grp and even flip rears. As for racing ... different story.
  12. basmn

    FZ1 on the Drag Strip

    never mind who won or lost, i couldn't think of a better way of spending time with my dad of son.... your a lucky guy....
  13. basmn

    Show your FZ1 accent lighting here - SMD LEDs

    i installed a 6 lite LED amber strip inside the radiator side covers in the vertical slot. I did it strictly for visibility the more the merrier i figure. It in no way looks tacky as a matter of fact they are hidden quite nicely but make a difference at nite. I was going to install flush mounts...
  14. basmn

    Best of Motorcycles 2 YouTube Video

    That was pretty cool
  15. basmn

    November 2014 M.B.O.M. - winner - Z Grand

    Dam... sometimes life isn't very fair:rofl:
  16. basmn

    November 2014 M.B.O.M. - winner - Z Grand

    Hmmmm now how do I vote for my self.....there is no button to push that says vote on my picture ????
  17. basmn

    November 2014 M.B.O.M. - winner - Z Grand

    all I can see is the # of votes on my own entry. all of the other pictures just say Vote with no amount.... is this normal ???? ok then every one just vote for me then :thewave:
  18. basmn

    Gen2 Touring Accessories

    ASV lever set received today as described no surprizes and fast shipping.... thanks Chris .... Ed
  19. basmn

    Pilot Power 3

    interesting review Matt. silly question but you ran both tires on a FZ1 ?
  20. basmn

    Pilot Power 3

    Just by looking at the 2 tires (PP3/ Q3) I think the PP3 would be the better of the 2, I don't think I would like to get caught in the rain with the Dunlop ( looks more like dry weather track tire to me). I am currently running the PP pure and had NO issues riding in the rain in the Smokey...