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    FZ1 naked conversion mirror question

    I am in process of a naked conversion. I bought some Rizoma naked prototype mirrors and the associated adapters. However, where the hell do these adapters bolt into on the bars? These are the mirrors Rizoma 'Prototype Naked' Universal Mirror And these are the adapters Rizoma Bar Mounted...
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    CJ Moto vs. Motovation

    Recently I made a purchase from both of these websites. I ordered Rizoma products from both of them. Everything I ordered from Motovation is in my living room. My order from CJ moto hasn't been shipped yet. That's all.
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    Light Bulb part number?

    I have the fz1-n headlight and I would like to get a new bulb for it. I'm not sure what the lights inside the headlight are called but does anyone know the bulb number? Thanks