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  1. stretched06

    New ride Back at it! Well should be by the end of the month. Taking it apart and checking everything before I make a pass. 2008 zx14, built motor with nos.
  2. stretched06

    The old fz1

    Today a friend sent me some pics of my old bike. Made me a little sad to see her this way.
  3. stretched06

    First ride in two years.

    Hello, its been a long time since I have posted here. I sold the fz1 in 2013 and havent rode one since. Last Wednesday my buddy gave me his 04 zx10 for the night. I had a lot of fun and got my thinking about a drag bike for some fun. Take care everyone.
  4. stretched06

    next winner that wants it can have it.

    Hello everyone. The other day I found a Holeshot Performance center stand stop that comes with his exaust. It bolts into the stand bracket and the stand bolts to it. Instead of putting it up for dibs I will mail it out to the next bike of the month winner that would like to have it. If you win...
  5. stretched06

    testing video
  6. stretched06

    Dyno video

    <a href= target=_blank><img src= border=0 alt=></a> took it to Ryan Schnitz today i wount...
  7. stretched06

    mid pipe ?

    I cut my holeshot pipe down from 14" to 10". I was thinking about makeing a flange to put the pipe rite after the header with no mid pipe. my question is are there any ill effects from not haveing the mid pipe? i am not looking for any gains i just think it will look good but if it will cause...
  8. stretched06

    Dad is calling it quits.

    Got a call from dad today said he is selling the bike. It was a sad day losing my favorite ridding buddy.
  9. stretched06

    Anyone ever cut down a slip on?

    I have the 14 in. holeshot. I want the bike to be a little louder. Have you ever cut down a pipe? How were your results?
  10. stretched06

    Home made short throw shifter mod.

    Made this a while back just wanted to share.
  11. stretched06


    Does anyone have their bike tuned on e85? Or know if the gen2's injectors are capable of the requirement for the fuel? Thanks for any info you can give.
  12. stretched06

    New member. Hello all.

    I just joined and wanted to say hi to everyone.