1. N

    R1 Shock adapter by Satan

    Hey guys, New here but I just picked up a 2011 fz1 and the rear shock is in terrible shape. The ride is awful and I have already been looking into upgrades. I was interested in doing the R1 shock mod but I have no way to make or obtain an adapter like the one created by Satan666. I was wondering...
  2. CrazyBiker

    FS: 2009 Black Gen2 Stock Forks w/ calipers and R1 rear shock with adapter

    Black Gen2 Forks - $175 Calipers have around 10k miles on them - $80 Pads have a lot of life! Both $250 R1 Shock with Adapter (fabricated...
  3. A

    New and looking for R1 shock adapter

    New to forum hello guys :-) Yorkshire rider here fz1n I've joined so I can buy a shock adapter from satan666 however will not allow me to PM him .. how can I go about ordering one for the R1 shock conversion . Thanks
  4. Luke M

    07-08 R1 Shock w/ Satan's Adapter

    I have a 07-08 R1 shock with Satan's adapter for sale. Asking $150 shipped to your door. Paypal as a gift option preferred. Thank you, Luke
  5. D

    shock adapter

    hello would mr satan666 please contact me. i would like to inquire about one of your shock adapters. thank you
  6. D

    Wtb: r1 shock and adapter

    Looking for 07-08 r1 shock and, more importantly the v4 adapter for a gen 2. Pm me if you have one to sell. Thanks!
  7. ghetto_d

    Direct-wire problems

    hey guys, looking for input here: i decided to put a GPS navigation device on my fazer. wanting the the cleanest install, i opted to hardwire it. i bought and installed this cable kit, i'd call it a transformer: EDO Tech® Ultra Compact Direct USB Hardwire Car Charger Cable Kit for...
  8. H

    WTB: Satan's R1 Adapter

    Looking for an adapter for the 07-08 R1 rear shock let me know asap!!! -B
  9. FZ1riderNY

    Satan V4 R1 Shock Adapter

    Anyone, anywhere..... I'm looking to buy one of Satan's V4 Shock Adapter as soon as I can. If you have one and are willing to part with it, please PM me for payment. I have messaged him and it winds up that the next run won't be until May or June. I really don't want to wait that long unless...
  10. A

    FS: Satan V4 Adapter

    $85 for Lucifer's Adapter. Shipping is free for the adapter in the USA. I've never even had Old Splithoof's adapter out of the bag. Pics of The Morningstar's Adapter
  11. Chandler

    Wanted R1 shock and Satan's adapter for Gen II

    I recently (an hour ago) cracked my wing arm/ shipped a part out of the top. It looks safe enough to ride on but I found a used on flea bay for 150 shipped - so I bought it. What better time to replace barrings and install an adjustable shock catered to my weight (155 lbs)? I thought so as well...
  12. reignman

    07 r1 shock and adapter

    No longer for sale Sorry everyone but the shocks no longer for sale. I've decided to keep it and use it instead of leaving mine stock