1. loosenut

    2007 FZ1 lots of extras -$3500

    Well, I guess this is it. I'm finally selling my FZ1 prior to my move to South Carolina. The bike has 42K miles. Not babied and runs awesome. Located in San Jose, CA *Copper Dawg's blue body work and speed screen *Ivan's flashed ECU *cut air box *Power Commander 3 *Speedo DRD...
  2. D

    shock adapter

    hello all. new member. i have a 2013 fz1, full yosh exhaust, power commander. i love the bike but it handles like a dump truck. how can i get one of these satan r1 shock adapters any body have one for sale?
  3. C

    What exhaust is this?

    Can somebody please name this exhaust. It was on my bike when I purchased it and I want to send my ECU to IVAN, however I want to be able to give him the most accurate information as possible. It is A carbon fiber body and the only markings on it are what is in the picture. Thanks in advance...
  4. D

    wrong link?

    i bought this chinese lowering link on ebay! the spacers on ends are to wide also it seems to short any body have this prob! the longer the length the lower the bike right? 2007 FZ1
  5. C

    Retro body kit

    Hey guys, just had the bike knocked over for the first time, so I was thinkin why not add a little bling. Does anyone know where to get the retro body kit with tank and plastics for the 2nd gen fz1?
  6. S

    F/S: GEN I Blue Tank

    Sold! (01-28-2013) Up for sale is this blue tank from a 2003 Model FZ1. The finish is in excellent, if not, near new condition. I would say it was perfect except for two scratches (As outlined in the last three photos). Let's just say I bungee cord my ladder to my wall now!:disapproval: 2003...