1. S

    Pile O Parts for Gen 1 for sale

    I have these parts (and maybe more) for Gen1 models Fuel tank with a small dent, otherwise perfect - silver Front fender - silver Tail section - silver Front fairing - Silver K&N filter - like new Contact me if interested and we can talk prices. I need these out of my shop...
  2. Erci

    FS: Stock exhaust + EXUP wires/cables from 2007. No scratches - Central NJ

    Just found this in my basement (forgot I had it). It's from my 07. I took it off when the bike had 8.5k miles on it. It's never been crashed. No scratches. No idea what to ask for it and if anyone would be interested.. $50 + shipping sound fair (let me know if I'm underselling :) )? Local...
  3. NJFZ1

    F/S: Dynojet PC V and IM

    Selling a Dynojet PowerCommander V and Ignition Module for the 2006-2010 FZ1. Selling only as a package. They are part number 22-015 for the PC V and part number 6-86 for the IM. A steal at $250 shipped CONUS. Post on here or send PM if interested.
  4. NJFZ1

    F/S: Gen II Pazzo Levers

    For sale is a set of Pazzo Racing levers for the Gen II. These are the long style in black with black adjusters so they will match any color bike. Excellent condition. No scratches or rash. $110 shipped CONUS. PayPal preferred. PM or post on here if interested.
  5. NJFZ1

    F/S: Gen II Copperdog Rear Seat Cowl - Red

    have for sale a Copperdog rear seat cowl in excellent condition. This is the Strike model. Will match the factory red paint that was used on the FZ1 in various years. $225 shipped CONUS. PayPal preferred. If interested post on here or send me a PM. Pics below:
  6. Blavenia

    Weather Proof Pants - Size XXXL!

    Anyone here a size 3xl? I've had these pants brand new with tags for over a year and I will never be the right size for them. Just wondering if anyone would even be interested in them for $50 shipped? I'm going to throw them on Ebay next week if no-one on this site can fit in them. They...
  7. Klurejr

    Gen 1 aftermarket Windscreen

    Hello, I know at one point someone had some Gen 1 Windscreens for sale and I cannot find the posting for the life of me. One was smoked and the other was a Blue Tint. I am interested in that Blue Tinted one now that I have some extra funds. If that was you and you still have it please...
  8. reignman

    07 r1 shock and adapter

    No longer for sale Sorry everyone but the shocks no longer for sale. I've decided to keep it and use it instead of leaving mine stock