1. B

    Testing Pics

  2. lytehouse

    Fall ride Sept. 29

    Since we're so starved for new stuff here, thought I'd post up a few ride pics from last Thursday. Kinda a spur of the day moment, we headed up north to hit Guanella Pass and Mt. Evans Rd. Anyhoo here's a few things I thought were memory card worthy :)
  3. FZ1inTX

    Brenda's BMW F 700 GS

    I was searching the forum for your GS Brenda and only found the initial pic. Can you please post a review, new pics, the mods you've done, etc? A few of you know I'm looking for a new ride for my wife. All the searches for a proper sport bike for the vertically challenged all point back to...
  4. NJFZ1

    F/S: Gen II Copperdog Rear Seat Cowl - Red

    have for sale a Copperdog rear seat cowl in excellent condition. This is the Strike model. Will match the factory red paint that was used on the FZ1 in various years. $225 shipped CONUS. PayPal preferred. If interested post on here or send me a PM. Pics below:
  5. Strider7

    Oh Dear, I've done a bad thing - There's an Orange monster in my garage now ...

    Long story short, I took delivery of a new 2015 KTM 1190 Adventure today. Air filters are on order to deal with the air box issue - so I haven't yet ridden the bike. A friend and former crew mate has a brother that works a side job at a moto dealership here (they are both Houston...
  6. L


    My wife just got my a 2013 Yamaha FZ1 with mods for my birthday. It only has 3800 miles on it. Here are some pics. I am still in shock. The first mods i will do will be Fender Eliminator, LED tail lights, probably change the exhaust to Graves Oval.
  7. S

    Few new pics since the accident.

    Hey everyone. Been a while!! (I've been lurking here and there, won't abandon you guys/girls :D ) Had a spill a few weeks back. Busted fairing, headlight, headlight bracket. Everything else managed pretty well and once the handle bar was set straight, everything was fine mechanically. Very...
  8. DannyCoolBeans

    New guy with pics and some ?'s

    Picked up a '10 a week ago :) -Does my ecu benefit from a re-flash? From what I read the 2010 ecu was reflashed . -any other tips? -My front seat does not sit/clip in the front properly. on the left of where it's supposed to clip in there's this big electrical piece that I feel is blocking...
  9. Lazy Libran

    Hello All - Another Melbourne Member with a 2012 FZ1N

    Hello All, Another Melbourne member with a FZ1N here. And a proud owner since Friday. :D Just upgraded from a Yamaha XVS650 (V-Star 650 Custom) so there is a drastic change in power but loving every moment of it. Will post some pics soon. BTW: Have named her Black Beauty (BB in short). This...
  10. Morgstang

    Zero Gravity Shorty Windscreen Pics...

    In case anyone wants to see what these look like...
  11. Morgstang

    I Just Cant Help Myself...Retro Mod Pics...

    See this thread please I Just Cant Help Myself...Retro Mod Pics... - FZ1OA Message Board
  12. ballmead

    LighTech rearsets

    I fitted up my LighTech rearsets this afternoon. They are awesome quality and are different to the first version of them that I have seen in pics. The best part, they fit through the frame like the stock rearsets, which was a must for me. I set them around 20mm higher and around 15mm further...
  13. K

    new her

    just to say hi just got my self a 2008 fz1n in silver got some bits on it will post pics im near BRISTOL UK oxford heated grips carbon tank /front peice micron can