1. P

    Graves Full Exhaust, PCIII, Ohlins Shock, Sato Rearsets for FZ1 Gen2

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this site. I've been riding motorcycles for over 30 years now, and owned my 2006 FZ1 since new. Unfortunately, some life changes have interrupted my motorcycle riding and I no longer ride like I use to. I look at the FZ1 every day trying to figure out justification to...
  2. F

    Gen 2 Accessories - Shock, Saddle bags

    Gen 2 Accessories - Matris Shock, Saddle bags Matris rear shock, MY106.1KD. Setup for 215 lbs. rider, 125N/mm spring rate, 320mm length. Has spring preload and rebound adjust. Has about 250 miles on it. Very nicely made unit, great improvement over stock shock. $350 plus shipping. Shock...
  3. N

    R1 Shock adapter by Satan

    Hey guys, New here but I just picked up a 2011 fz1 and the rear shock is in terrible shape. The ride is awful and I have already been looking into upgrades. I was interested in doing the R1 shock mod but I have no way to make or obtain an adapter like the one created by Satan666. I was wondering...
  4. CrazyBiker

    FS: 2009 Black Gen2 Stock Forks w/ calipers and R1 rear shock with adapter

    Black Gen2 Forks - $175 Calipers have around 10k miles on them - $80 Pads have a lot of life! Both $250 R1 Shock with Adapter (fabricated...
  5. D

    Rear shock wanted

    Looking for a Gen 2 rear shock in decent condition.
  6. C

    2Gen Wilber’s rear shock, like new, only has 2000km

    Hey guys, I sold my 2011 FZ1 and I have this awesome rear shock available to purchase. This is a Wilber’s 640 Series that was custom valved and built for my needs. If you are a bigger guy like me (230lbs) who has travel cases on the bike and occasionally has a passenger in the back and hate...
  7. T

    WTB FZ1 Rear Shock

    Looking for a FZ1 rear shock to swap into my 2011 FZ8. Preferably from somewhere in Canada.
  8. A

    New and looking for R1 shock adapter

    New to forum hello guys :-) Yorkshire rider here fz1n I've joined so I can buy a shock adapter from satan666 however will not allow me to PM him .. how can I go about ordering one for the R1 shock conversion . Thanks

    Gen II Ohlins rear shock problem

    G'Day, So I bought a used Ohlins shock from FleaBay for a reasonable price. It was listed as an YA628 for on '06 FZ1. Apparently came from a race bike. I doubled checked with seller about compatibility & condition etc. So I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to fit it. The piggyback...
  10. Luke M

    07-08 R1 Shock w/ Satan's Adapter

    I have a 07-08 R1 shock with Satan's adapter for sale. Asking $150 shipped to your door. Paypal as a gift option preferred. Thank you, Luke
  11. B

    Gen II Aftermarket Parts For Sale

    Gen 2 FZ1 Parts For Sale My ’06 FZ1 was in 100% working order when I hit a deer and the insurance company deemed it a total loss. I removed all of the aftermarket parts before the bike was sent to salvage. As parts are sold, I remove them this list. If they are still listed, they are still...
  12. S

    satans v4 adaptor

    hi fellas i.m new to the forum so please be gentle , I ve just received my shock adaptor to convert to r1 08 shock and wondered if anyone has used an adjustable dogbone to set the ride height as I would like to lift the rear end a la sports bike also has anyone ever used rearsets from another...
  13. S

    satans v4 adaptor

    hi there I,m new to the forum and may be behind the times but can anyone tell me how to get hold of satans adaptor for the fz1 r1 shock ?
  14. PapaGeno21

    Penske 8983

    Sold thanks!
  15. dugancFz1

    Gen II part out, GIVI, Pazzo, Yoshi

    Parting out my 2009 Yamaha Fz1. Prices include shipping to lower 48, I will need minimum 72hrs to remove parts once payment is cleared. PayPal works fine, PM for PayPal address. Refer to my for sale post for a few pics. PowerBronze touring windscreen, good condition. $40 Givi Touring screen...
  16. B

    New R1 shock option without adaptor

    Here is a little secret I have been working on. If anyone wants to get their bike handling properly just get hold of a 2015-2016 standard R1 shock. The shock at standard length is 315mm, simply adjust the factory ride height adjuster on the bottom of the shock to 320mm, which is the stock length...
  17. D

    shock adapter

    hello would mr satan666 please contact me. i would like to inquire about one of your shock adapters. thank you
  18. D

    shock adapter

    hello all. new member. i have a 2013 fz1, full yosh exhaust, power commander. i love the bike but it handles like a dump truck. how can i get one of these satan r1 shock adapters any body have one for sale?
  19. D

    Wtb: r1 shock and adapter

    Looking for 07-08 r1 shock and, more importantly the v4 adapter for a gen 2. Pm me if you have one to sell. Thanks!
  20. B

    Adelaide Suspension

    Howdy While I'm on the Adelaide theme, suspensions shops, some point may have to look at upgrading the shock due my portly dimensions;) Cheers