1. super googan

    Bad Coils

    Add me to the list of members with a failed coil. Bike has had an intermittent stumble or hiccup at low rpm for a longgggg time. Never could trace the problem. When the issue was minor the temp difference between all 4 cylinders was only 20F. Last week she started sounding like a triple at...
  2. O

    Gen I Temp Gauge Install

    Is there an easy way to put an aftermarket temp gauge on a 2002 FZ1? My ZRX1100 was as easy as tapping into the thermostat housing. How bout the FZ?
  3. D

    Problem with Speedo and temp readings

    Hey guys Been having a prob with the temp reading/sensor lately. Sometimes when I hit the starter, the temp reading jumps from Lo to Hi immediately, with the amber engine lights lit up. And the bike cranks but doesn't start. Another one is that, the speedo went wonky the other day...
  4. jhogan

    Temp / Volt Gauge Mount

    Does anyone know if these mounts are available commercially?