1. Klurejr

    Don't Kick Cars

    If someone cuts you off just move on with your life, don't get in a fight with an automobile driver and be part of a pile up... I feel terrible for the old guy in the While Escalade Truck I hope they catch the motorcyclist and put him and the car driver into a cell together for a few...
  2. D

    shock adapter

    hello all. new member. i have a 2013 fz1, full yosh exhaust, power commander. i love the bike but it handles like a dump truck. how can i get one of these satan r1 shock adapters any body have one for sale?
  3. FZ1inTX

    So long Tacoma....

    Almost 8 years with the Tacoma and have had a Toyota truck for most of my years... First time without a truck as I've moved to the SUV with the T4R... Back in Black!