2005 fz1 cutting out in second gear


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My fz1 has an issue where it cuts out from 7k rpm and up under heavy throttle in 2nd gear. None of the other gears do it. The bike has an ivans jet kit and a slip on.

Bike has no other issues besides it will sometimes need to have a little throttle to start up when it's warm like it's flooding. It cold started the other day right away and idles in 20°f weather with only half choke.

Redlined it in first gear the other day and it didn't seem to have any issues. It does have a good exhaust crackle when letting off throttle. But no flames or Sparks that I know of.

Any ideas? When it warms up at the end of the week I'm gonna pull the plugs and check them out. But I'm pretty sure the carbs need synced or jetted too rich. It's just weird I only have a noticable problem in 2nd gear