2015 MotoGP Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*


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Did any one else see the #10 stolen t-shirts being worn in Vale's Garage? I though that was poor taste. A lot to be said about gracious in defeat.

I though it was a great race to watch. Vale's charge through the pack was great to watch. Pedrosa's late charge was also good to see. If you look at Pedrosa's attempt to pass MM, you can see that even though he had the pace to catch up, the tyres were pretty much done - hence the going wide out of the corner & MM re-taking the position. All three of the top riders were sliding around a fair bit by the end of the race. Even if they wanted to pass, it wasn't going to be easy, and after all the comments from all parties (riders and stewards), I'm not surprised they held formation as they'd be dammed if they did dammed if they didn't in that race.

Crutchlow ran a great race too.

Miller took 3rd in his division for the year beating Hayden on the same bike. He will be one to watch.

After Rossi's comments and behaviour, I didn't want to see him hoist it in the air.

I'm glad to see Jorge pick up the championship trophy.

Moto 2 was a good race, Rins & Rabat at the front was great to see. Rins will also be one to watch in the future.

Moto 3 had the usual moto 3 Style, crash in the last corner to spice things up.

Great nights viewing. By the time it was all over & I got to bed (then slept through my alarm) I had about 4 hours sleep before getting up and off to work.


Another great summary by David Emmett
Sunday's MotoGP Summary from Valencia

I found this particular bit rather interesting
The most informative vignette was on Italian television, when Carmelo Ezpeleta came along to congratulate him on a great season. Rossi made a very public show of saying to Ezpeleta “I told you so! Didn’t I tell you on Thursday this would happen?”

Rossi had apparently been to see Ezpeleta on Thursday, to warn him of a “Spanish plot” against him. The most intriguing words followed, an almost throwaway line. “I will see you in my motorhome later,” Rossi said.

For a MotoGP rider to be summoning the CEO of Dorna, the man who runs the series, to his motorhome, is a sign that the balance of power is out of kilter. Carmelo Ezpeleta should be summoning riders to his office at his own convenience. He should not be at the beck and call of riders, for them to summon him as they please.

After his bitter attack on Márquez, Rossi then did not show up at the FIM Gala Award Ceremony, the official prize giving ceremony for the 2015 championship.

That is a snub not just of Dorna, who organize the series, but of the FIM, the international federation under whose auspices MotoGP is run. It is a further sign, if any were needed, that Valentino Rossi has taken this loss exceptionally badly, and is in no mood to be gracious in defeat. He believes that someone else is to blame, and he is not afraid to call them out for it.
Rossi's massive ego on display for everyone
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I watched his press conference last night. It was like watching a bad talk show host who adores himself and any and all attention. The scary thing was the media were lapping it up and were feeding his ego and belief with their questions and statements. The smile he had on his face the whole time was ridiculous. It got me wondering if he really believes his own story, or is just spinning it for PR and attention?????? He is definitely painting Marquez out to be an evil villain of motoGP racing and it's clear he is trying to destroy his reputation. Not being a one eyed fan of either of them, I'm afraid it makes Vale look the petty one.


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I don't believe all the conspiracy theories, when Lorenzo is out front he is the smoothest rider you'll ever see, he can run consistent laps all day long. And that is what we saw Sunday, he just was not going to get caught by MM or Pedrosa, much less passed. He was focused to be first across the finish line, mission accomplished. I like people who think running at the front and passing for the lead is a simple affair, it isn't. Marquez and Pedrosa were chasing today, and they weren't going to win. And consider this, suppose either of the two Honda's decided to really make a challenge to pass Lorenzo and somebody does something dumb and takes JL out. After what happened these last couple of weeks I don't think Marquez, Pedrosa, Honda, the MotoGP organization or the fans would look too kindly at that. Seasons over......the most consistent rider won. Congrats to Lorenzo, a great rider.
Was it me, or did it appear that MM really wasn't challenging JLO?
MM was not riding as fast as he could of, he was protecting Lorenzo the entire race, that was quite obvious. MM has shown his character quite clear through the last 3 seasons, he is never happy to follow the leader and WILL always try to make a pass.

On Sunday the only thing he did was block Pedroza who was faster than both MM and Lorenzo in those last laps.

Don't call it a conspiracy, MM showed who he really was the last three races, a Petty childish person who cannot take responsibility for his own mistakes in earlier races and did he best to help Lorenzo win the championship.

I never once saw MM make any attempt at passing Jorge even though he was one bike length behind Lorenzo for more than half the race. Lorenzo had a great pace yes, but he never left MM behind. So sad. How can Honda be happy with this?

Interesting article here as well:

The 2015 MotoGP Season Is Over, But The Drama Sure Isn't


Even if Rossi and Lorenzo were tied for points at the end of the season, Lorenzo would have the championship based on his race wins. It was a tall order for Rossi to take it from him and he didn't manage.

Who knows who will be #1 next year!


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I was bitterly dissapointed to see so many riders jumping out of the way of Rossi tbh. It felt to me like they didn't want to get caught up in being yet another person to flame for racing their own race and being hungry to be top dog. Even if mm could've passed lorenzo... why would he?.. he's been painted to be in the wrong no matter what he does.

For me it comes down to Rossi letting himself down in the most public way possible and then not accepting the consequences.. for me he isn't moto gp personified like some people seem to believe... the riders willing to show true spirit and incredible fast paced overtaking while being at the very limit are what makes motogp awesome.


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WHEN WILL WOMEN RACE IN MOTO GP ? How come there are not any now ? How about xgames peeps like Laia Sanz ,Tara Gieger,Shana Texter or my favorite Sandra Gomez !!

I would love to see some of these women in it . Isnt there enough hacks that finish near the back every race ?

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I did not know that . I need a new rider to root for, Rabeet and Zarco should be interesting

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