About ER_1...but the bike starts an run normally


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This is my first post after introduce myself in the other forum.
Sorry for my poor English. I will try to choose the words as best as possible in order to explain me.
I have a FZ1 S 2006, not an R1, but this community is the most info offers about my issue: the error er_1.
In first place I would like to explain the things that I have checked.
Battery 100%.
All wiring has been got out from the bike to check grounds and conductivity.
The bike still started as well as always.
The only symptom of the issue was the HI tilting, tachometer off, oil an coolant lights on, engine check light on and couldn't go into diag mode. it was like the ECU was invisible for the dashboard.

Could I suppose that the ECU is ok if the bike could start normally?

Suggestions are welcome ,

Thanks in advance.