Aftermarket Handlebars on the Gen II FZ1


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Hello FZ-ers!!

After years of putting it off due to varying degrees of information about how complicated/successful it might be, I finally changed the bars on my FZ1-N for something a bit higher and a bit wider.

As part of my desperate attempts to help the world at large, I made a video of the whole drawn out, knuckle scraping, head scratching, bike dismantling process!


It's a bit of a long one, but then the job was far more of a monster than expected! Maybe get yourself a coffee before you start! :lol

I also changed the brake lines before I started for some braided lines that are about 5cm longer than stock.

The video for that endeavour is here:


Looking forward to hearing about what I did wrong/right and what you folks think of it.

Ultimately I'm really happy and the bike is now FAR more comfortable for my wrists, shoulders and spine! It's easier than ever to smash it into the tight twisties with a bit of countersteer.

Also the cockpit area now looks far neater, with all the cables and wires now nestling nicely together.




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Nice job on the bars and brake lines. The only thing I did different was releasing the fork tubes down out of the triple clamp to bring all the cables to the other side without taking everything apart. I am a motocross guy and bought an FZ1 and put the same bars on my FZ1 that are on my motocross bike. They are Pro Tapers with the Pro Taper clamps which got rid of the gaudy factory top clamp. I'm 5' 6" tall or short and I like the more upright position. My 1st ever ride on the bike was 240 miles and the bar height was so much better.

Motor on!