AZ 5th Annual TT Ride


Man I wish I had a dual sport. That's the next bike I have to get to live in AZ
Yep, AZ is a great DS riding state.

My good buddy is putting this on Craigs List this w/e.

01 520MXC, street legal ready to DS.

He rarely rides it and before that some old man owned it. Low hrs for a 01. And John put on a new Scotts Stabilizer and TrailTech computer. Maybe 4-5 rides on it.



Four lake four saloon tt

The 5th Annual AZ FOUR LAKE FOUR SALOON TT was a huge success and we had a new recruit from work. My street bike buddy Justin, who has many cross country miles on various road bikes over the years but not many on dirt.

He had seen my picture slideshows on the Infamous 4 Saloon 4 Lake TT and it looked like fun (BEER was involved afterall) so he went out and bought a couple of new CRF250 DualSport bikes (one for his wife Tiffney) that Honda had just released in 2013.

It was quite the adventure for him as sand and rocky inclines were new to him.
Well he did survive (barely) but did make a really cool trailer movie clip for an upcoming Movie Release in May.

I think it might be Oscar Worthy so get ready to roll out the Red Carpet.....

Check out the Movie Trailer:

[ame=]2013 Arizona TT Ride - YouTube[/ame]

Here is the Slideshow:



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