Best place to source FZ1N Parts? / SWAP parts with moi?


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Hey guys,
I just picked up my dream bike yesterday and can't stop riding it.

Im looking to get some more parts for my baby,

would anyone know good place to get a belly pan, wind shield for FZ1N in Sydney area?
or,, I was wondering if anyone was getting rid of one or wanted to sell one. Color doesn't matter, I would probably paint it anyways.

I've tried ebay with limited selections. argh!

any comment would be appreciated!

On another note, I was wondering if theres anyone who has BLUE FZ1n who wants to swap all coloured parts with me around sydney area. Mine is 2008 white with red strip through the middle, I have all the tools to do it. Thought about re spraying it but I thought this could be a fun option too. My parts are spotless so should yours:D 0420 301 615 Jesse

Let me know!
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