Bike #11! My 2002 VFR800


After what felt like a year since my 919 was tapped into oblivion at 5 mph, I have another bike! This is number 11 and its name is Rhubarb

This is a beauty; bone stock and complete with all the dealer tags, service records, manual, tools and even a 'valet key' which I have never seen with a bike before!

I will do a ride report soon enough but today I am off to do birthday things!
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Nice, now don't ride it in the rain. You will make it look like a dirt bike. Got my Enhanced Drives Lisence yesterday, wonder how that will work out ?


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Tight! I've ridden the 2000my VFR.. if the new one is as good (or better), it's a very nice ride!


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Congrats! :cloud9:

Now it will take another old lady to "tap this bike to oblivion" to get you on a Gen 2 FZ1 :p

I still wish I had taken a ride on the VFR800 they had when I bought my FZ1. I think I still would have bought the FZ1, but I would have liked to ride it.



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Nice ride !!! I love the single sided swingarm beautiful rims and you got the best color

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