Bought a FZ-10

As stated in the headline, I bought a FZ-10, but not just any FZ-10, I bought “Black Betty”. I was not looking to buy another bike, but when @bogie put her up for sale, I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase such a well sorted machine. We all know how much work and care has been poured into this bike, and look forward to owning her. Cheers!!!

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Congrats Jeff!!! I am so glad it is going to a really good home.

Now if the transport would get here before we get buried in snow. LoL.

I didn't post it here as this page had slowed down quite a bit. Instagram was a good place to go as I had over 4000 people following the bikes progress and many of which always were saying that is what they want. LoL.


After all that work, mods and knowing how much you absolutely loved this bike/build.... can we ask why you decided to sell it? And congrats to Jeff! What an INCREDIBLE score! Bogie, you *have* to be heartbroken..... unless that was your Ferrari in the hauler that delivered it to Jeff? LOL!