Brembo GP4-RX caliper review


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I finally got some dry weather to get out and test these bad boys.

Installation was straight forward and I also installed the rear braided line while I was at it. The first run down my street at the end hitting the brakes I thought "What have I done... these feel terrible". They didn't bight well and had little feeling to them. Then I remembered new pads and a fresh bleed. After a few more corners it was feeling much better and by the time I got to work I was pretty happy with my purchase.

They have a good feel, plenty of stopping power and I feel at home with them already after a 15 minute commute to work. I'm sure after a decent run they will bed in well and feel even better.

When comparing to the R1 6pot calipers I was running before they are less on/off meaning they have more movement in the lever between engagement and full lock. I prefer this as when I went to the 6 pots I found myself wishing I had a bit more room to move on the lever when navigating the bike around tight twisties in the hills. By the look of the forecast for this winter, it may be a while before I get out onto those roads as we're getting a much wetter winter than last year. I don't like riding those roads in winter as the rain washes gravel across the roads and that combined with green (moss) on the roads makes for a cheek puckering ride which isn't really enjoyable.

Will give more feedback after I've had some more time with them under my braking fingers.



Truly a thing of beauty! Both your bike and the calipers. Ohlins front and rear is a dream set up. I will take suspension over horsepower any day! Awesome.


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Nice! Which master cylinder are you using?

The RCS19 has a ratio setting so you can dial in the lever feel and throw.


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I'm running the Brembo MC off an R1. I have dialed in the ASV lever with the tuning knob on there, but haven't had a look for other adjustments yet. Once the pads bed in and I've had some run time on them, I'll likely do another brake bleed (if necessary) and tune some more.


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Second day and they've bedded in well. I have a lot more feeling than the 6 pot calipers already and the stopping power is awesome. Very happy with these calipers. I might do a long ride home if this sun holds out.... It is pretty cold here today (well for us anyway) it was down to 8*C this morning.


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Sounds great and I'm glad you like them. BTW how much are they?

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