Chinese Ebay windscreen and Satan highway pegs

chirp the 1-2

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Bought the 20 Chinese tinted ebay windscreen and love it. Changes the whole look of the bike and looks to be great quality. I swear it arrived in like 4 -5 business days. Highly recommend and would buy again.

Next is the Satan highway pegs, probably gonna rank as the coolest most functional mod ever. I messaged him and got a quick response and lucky me he had a all black set ready to go just like I wanted. Beautiful quality and easy install, looks like they came on the bike from the factory! Went for my first ride with them today and I'm in love. Its like having a whole different bike when you can change foot position, very comfortable and easy to swith over to while riding.

Any questions or if you want specific pics pm me.


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where from?

Where did you get the China Screen? How much taller, wider than the stock one? Good fit? Is that one dark smoke?