Clutch smell stopped non starter


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Morning all.
I bought my first fz1 2008 3 weeks ago. It had a little problem starting, hit the start button and solenoid would click after 3 or 4 attempts it would work.
changed solenoid, then a couple times I turned the engine off by the key and the starter instantly kicked in. Key on and of couple times then stopped.
Did a 70 mile ride then 100 yards from home and everything died total out clocks lights engine stopped.
bad smell of clutch or electric burning. Battery was boiling and like a balloon. Changed battery now will only crank a quarter and code on dash 46. Tried push start but won’t go????? Help. Could the starter burn out and jam?????


You should first check that the stator magnets didn't break loose. Remove the brake side engine cover to inspect.