Don't ride in the Shoulder!


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I recorded this back in April, but finally had time to edit it and upload it to the toobs.

This rider is the perfect example of why riders can be their own worst enemies. Not sure why he decided to flop over to the shoulder, rip on the gas and cut back into traffic....

I see this sort of behavior while commuting, guys with big bikes they don't know how to handle, with their girl on the back, no one wearing proper protective gear, music/radio blaring loud..... Ugh, so gross.

When people find out I commute on a motorcycle 10 times out of 10 they tell me it is not me they worry about being safe, it is all the other drivers.... And yes there is some merit to that, some drivers are for sure not paying close enough attention. But I also did some riding courses before I got my License with a retired CHP Officer who rode motorcycles during his career. He told me that the vat majority of Motorcycle accidents are solo accidents caused by the rider making a mistake of some sort. Lots of them are guys riding beyond their limits on the many Canyon roads we have in the area, they either cross the center line and hit an oncoming vehicle, or slide off the road into an embankment or off a cliff.

Others are like the guy in this video, Accident's waiting to happen.

That shoulder is covered in dirt and trash, he could have easily laid the bike down pulling a stupid stunt like that.