Dragging CS in turn


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Hey everyone, I recently got an 03 FZ1 as my second bike and I love it. I’ve started doing some cloverleaves to work my lean over some more and my cornering speed/confidence up. It’s going well, but I’ve started to drag the center stand. If chicken strips mean anything, I’m at about 3/4” - 1/2“ ish...I would have figured I would be using all of the tire before I started dragging parts on the pavement. It should be noted that I’m 6’6 and 360ish lbs so the rear suspension may have its hands full. Do I remove the CS? Heavier rear spring? (not wild about this since it handles beautifully) Just back off the lean angle? I highly doubt my skills maxing my machine out so I decided to ask some more knowledgeable folks. Thanks.


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Be careful! If that center stand grabs a pothole, you're done for! You don't need that much lean angle on the street. If you want to scrub the edges of the tires, do a track day.

That's different from what I observed on my '09 FZ1. I dragged the pegs a lot when on the track, even when I removed the feelers on the end, but I never dragged the center stand. There was about 1/4" of unused tire on the edges dragging the pegs.