Fork rattle


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Hello everyone..
I own a 2008 FZ1 gen 2, I've owned it for 6 years and still love it.
Recently I have a rattle, knocking sound coming from just the left fork leg, it's driving me nuts!
Anyone ever had this, or know what the problem is and how to fix?
A friend says it could be the fork seal coming loose and dropping down a little...the washer behind it rattling.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Personally I would be more suspicious of all the plastics or the squeeze clamps on the fork instead of the fork internals. You could do the old screw driver as a stethoscope trick. You take a long screw driver and put the handle to your ear and touch the tip to different parts until you find somewhere with a suspicious rattle.

Good luck,


I've had the brake pads rattling in the caliper, does it go away if you squeeze the brake a little?

jared p

You need to do some more listening to identify where it's coming from. There are dozens of places it can be coming from.