Frame crack?


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I am a little stressed out by something that appears to be frame cracks or something like that in the front of the frame on my yamaha fz1n 2006. Took it for a quick check at my local Yamaha dealer, but they thought it was difficult to determine if it was a crack or not. It goes from under the handlebars to under the tank. I will attach some pictures, altough its hard to see. What do you guys think? Is it a crack or just some production cosmetic error? Hard to know how deep it is also.68591E74-B2BA-487D-B318-B19232CE4D52.jpeg2D747305-F023-4EEE-8883-CAFB17D2F4EF.jpeg
Thank you in advance.8D7EF6CD-1A68-4093-8F4E-CB1D900C8ED6.jpegAD5C5F17-E826-40C2-9167-EA2DE25AF518.jpeg


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The way you could test for a crack is to use a dye penetrant check. It is a non destructive method that can be done. This is the way it is done. Dye Penetrant method

Honestly, another method is to take a close up photo with a ruler (very thin plastic one) taped on to the area next to the imperfection and monitor it over time. Don't remove the ruler. This will help when you compare photos. Look at it once a week, then every other, then once a month until you have determined if it is a crack or not. To me since it is not continuous, I highly doubt it is a crack. I do this in my profession all the time.