FZ1 first gen Givi Bags n mounts trade for?

David F

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Givi hard bags, Monokey, except Irony Alert: each bag has its own separate key. “It came that way”, the bags came installed on my 2003 Bumblebee. I whipped them off, pronto, and there they sit, gathering dust for my two years (so far) of blissful FZ1 engagement. Engaged? I’d Marry this bike! Just not with saddlebags...

I would trade for I dunno, a Sargeant seat and a quality slip-on? A gently-used high end shock?
You tell me what the bags are worth to you. Naturally I’d trade them for cold hard cash too, but that’s boring and not in the spirit of this forum.

If we get to wheeling and dealing I’m sure I can get images to you. For now, know that the bags are tidy, unrashed, and “all there”. Bags, no trunk, but the Givi mount accepts their trunk setup. Only bummer is the two-key bungle. USA shipping only.F1D00B07-ECE7-4962-82F4-50D339E4AF6E.jpeg
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