Fz1s display intermittently working.


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Good evening all,

Sorry to post this thread again but I think I posted it in the wrong section before.

I am new to the forum so please bear with me.

I have recently passed my test and have the pleasure to ride a 58 reg Fz1s with 15k on the clock.

My question is, has anyone ever come across an issue with the display working ok then suddenly stops at random points? The display will work again but I have too either disconnect the battery or I've also found removing the main 50amp fuse for a few minutes does the trick too.

The lights all work ok and the indicator signal/neutral light still works too.

I have checked the connections to the display and these look to be ok and dry, I have also checked the stator plugs and these are dry too.

The bike was stood for around a year in a garage and the guy who had it before me jumped started it and then the issue started.

If anyone could assist that would be great.

Kind regards,