Grab rail?


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Hi guys, I'm in need of a grab rail for a 2011 FZ1-N. I've tried two renntec rails now and both of them don't allow the seat to go back on! What other options do I have? Thanks in advance.


I think the only other option you may have is a tail section from the faired version.

They are different in appearance but I think you may be able to source & swap one over easily enough. I bet you the mounts are still on the subframe! Worth looking into.
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There are several people on the forum who have converted their faired FZ1 to naked and will be able to give you some idea of what's involved. Good luck!


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It is more than just the rear cowl. The rear pillion seat is different too (as you have noticed), and I think the subframe may be different as well. Most people go the other way, i.e. take the grab rails off, then fair and re-paint.